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Upcoming shows
Every Wednesday 5-7pm ET: WFMU's GTDR (online)
& some Mondays 2-4pm: WTJU
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Summer 2018-2019
Date Lnth TitleAudioDescription
10/14/192:00Local replay: Everyone is LeavingListen(I love you, I forgive you, forgive me, thank you, goodbye)
10/9/192:00Classic replays: No Tomorrow Life 4/5/15, Just Wanted to Say Goodbye 4/26/15Listen
10/2/192:00Classic replays: The Hills Are Alive, The Great Communicator, Better Off DeadListen
9/25/192:00Replay: mmm noiseListenFrom 12/31/08
9/23/192:00Local Classic sorta-political replays: 301, 302, 303, 316
9/18/192:00Classic sorta-political replays: The Wizard of War, Act Without Deliberation, A Little Dream (of me), Decades of Dictatorship (the slippery slope)Listen#301, 302, 303, 316 as 673
9/11/192:00Replay: Back in the LightListen
9/9/192:00Local replay: Back In The LightListenA fun one, with live calls and new loops and daylight-inspired word-thoughts and music-drifts.
9/4/192:00Europe tour 2009: "Working Out Issues" (Paris) & "Playing in a Bar is Hysterical" (Berlin)Listen#403 7/8/09 & #402 7/4/09
8/28/192:00Classic replays: Light + This Mess is TrueListen#281 12/9/03: "A polyphonic spree. Only source: Polyphonic Spree." #283 12/20/03: "Sources include: Spandau Ballet, Hans Zimmer from True Romance, Bjork from Dancer in the Dark, Simple Minds from The Breakfast Club, Amelie."
8/26/192:00Local replay: New Whirled SymphonyListenA gorgeously playful menagerie. From weeks, moments, emptiness, rejuvenation, confusions, spirits, hope, loves, angst, creation, relief, questions, came glorious absurd sonic beauty and laughter.
8/21/192:00Replay: Sense of Ongoing Everness (when it gets dark we'll go home)Listen
8/14/192:00Replay: Decisions, gratification, escapeListenHypnotic, dreamy, slow, focused, self-aware, long, explosive, oblivious, fragmented, evocative, quickly evaporating.
8/7/192:00Replay: Layers of IndirectionListen(The party is over when the host serves you a pumpkin.)
7/29/192:00Replay, augmented: You Can't Separate Them LaterListen(As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.) With new sound collaging and call near the end
7/24/192:00Dream to Me (It's all so easy once you let go)ListenBack then it was: "No more after this! The hiatus begins." Goodbyes.
7/17/192:00It Can Be Simple (witnessing)ListenNew! Everything easier, long drones, a story monologue, collage play near end
7/3/192:00Replay: I Believe (our favorite children)Listen
6/26/192:00Replay: New Whirled SymphonyListenFirst new show in ages, a gorgeously playful menagerie. From weeks, moments, emptiness, rejuvenation, confusions, spirits, hope, loves, angst, creation, relief, questions, came glorious absurd sonic beauty and laughter. I'm very proud of this week's mess(age).
6/24/192:00Local replay: It's not going to stopListen(time to get out)
6/19/192:00Replay: The Hypnosis Juggling Co-opListen(without judgment)
6/17/192:00Local replays: Act and Move On & Long and gentle (How many mistakes?)ListenAll-star favorites from 2012: If you miss the faux pearls, you get the ducks. / Meandering, not chatty.
6/12/192:00Replay: Snow plans to helpListen(Do plans tell you what to do?) Talk, into calming.
6/5/192:00Replay: Great Green WallListenDreamy+loopy, unusual&explorative, green!
6/3/192:00Replay: Equinox (light and dark are equal)Listen(there's nothing left to let go of) (just keep going)
6/2/191:30Sunday Morning Dance
5/22/192:00Replay: We Continue to ApproachListenHooray
5/20/192:00Local replay: the World Opens Up when you Take Structure AwayThe action that nourishes you. (Lesson for whole life.)
5/17/191:30Friday Night DanceNew mix
5/15/192:00Replay: the World Opens Up when you Take Structure AwayListenThe action that nourishes you. (Lesson for whole life.) With new playlist chat
5/8/192:00Emptying Our BoxesListenWhat was he doing in there?
5/1/192:00Replay: Mommy?ListenFrom a very different Ken's Last Ever era, the debut of the Electronic Musical Experiment @ Chama, East Village, NYC, in 2002.
4/24/192:00Replay: Escape to NoiseListenAn exploration in sound collage incoherency from 6 years yonder.
4/10/192:00Replay: Lush Field Recordings BlendListenHeadphones on for this live sound collage journey!
4/3/192:00Choosing (to be here today)ListenBrand new live collage of various earlier collages, plus new life reflections.
3/27/192:00Replay: Less this messListen(making sure I don't fall out)
3/20/192:00Replay: Tired of hitting butterfliesListen(Reminders to do less)
3/13/192:00Fleeting: A wake (I haven't told you lately)ListenAll new samples, births, and deaths, layered.
3/6/192:00Replays: Act and Move On & Long and gentle (How many mistakes?)ListenAll-star favorites from 2012: If you miss the faux pearls, you get the ducks. / Meandering, not chatty.
2/27/192:00Classic replay: Smoking: Isn't it about Dads?ListenFrom 21 years ago: Public Service Announcement fest, spliced, collaged and reinterpreted in real time. Later participation via telephone nonsense, and ambient noises.
2/20/192:00Replay: Welling Up (like a crab you can walk backwards)Listen
2/13/192:00Replay: Conduct the Symphony of Your LifeListenBeauty, lists, dreams, loops, drifts, music, thoughts, moments, films, studies, rants. Atmospheric! Completely spontaneous plunderphonic radio experiment. Get lost.
2/6/192:00Replay: A balloon that you let go of (Timeshifts)Listen
1/30/192:00It's Possible (twisted branches)ListenTwo stage shows plus three callers plus new things: a bazaar
1/23/192:00Replays: These Documents + Now (Rippling Water) + The Coming Storms + Coincident SymphonyListenFour half-hour classics from the Austin years.
1/16/192:00Everything has always been thereListen(and there goes the world: getting better and better, thanks to you. thank you)
1/9/192:00Replays: Thank You For Making Noise & Sheep's ClothingListenFrom 4/17/04 & 6/29/04. "Emmersively environmental loopy pop, rich, perfectly drifty." and "One of my assistants was eating a great-looking salad, so I asked her to order one for me." Both were live on KOOP Austin.
12/19/182:00Just when I needed you mostListenThe comfort of the familiar. Onion layers (I believe in). The art of noise. It could be sad (but I feel great). So glad to say goodbye.
12/12/182:00Replay: Reliving moments in time (manifest that world)ListenFrom 1/1/14
12/5/182:00Replay: Playing Against TypeListenFrom 11/8/17
12/2/181:30Sunday Morning DanceBased on 1/26/18 mix
11/2/181:30Friday Night DanceNew mix
10/24/18Container Entrainment (intentional possibility understructure)ListenField recordings, live calls, remembering to forget, unafraid of endless depths
10/14/18Cville Dance Co-op: Gravity revisited
10/10/18Replay: Dreams, impossibility, loveListenLife is impossible, yet it happens. Go forward. Do. Keep going.
10/3/18Replay: I want to step acrossListen(The line between idea and manifestation)
9/19/180:00Replay+: Decisions, gratification, escapeListenHypnotic, dreamy, slow, focused, self-aware, long, explosive, oblivious, fragmented, evocative, quickly evaporating. Plus a new phone call
9/12/182:00Replay: Sleep AwayListenLost in the night (finish your cereal, dude)
9/5/182:00Replays: Loops in Isolation & Inside of the EndingListen
8/22/182:00You Can't Separate Them LaterListen(As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.)
8/15/182:00Replays: Terminal Sunshine & Uncertainty is OKListen1) Like a Rainbow Canon 2) The more you look, the less you really know. Nothing can go wrong. Show us your papers. Stay calm. Suffer peacefully.
8/8/182:00Everyone is LeavingListen(I love you, I forgive you, forgive me, thank you, goodbye)
8/3/181:30Friday night dance co-op: Open and flowing
8/1/182:00Replays from mid-2000'sListen1) George & Adolf, 2) 2001: A War Odyssey, 3) What Is It About
7/25/182:00Replays from Austin 2003ListenKaren's Dead, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Rainbow Dementia, and more
7/18/182:00Replay: Reinventing the WheelListenThis dreamscape goes everywhere at once. Come get lost together, remembering and losing your memories and selves. "A weekly touchstone of unreality amid hard reality."
7/16/182:00(WTJU replay)
6/27/182:00Replay: Other Shapes are Possible (fish dances, before it's too late)ListenInspired, immersive, endless live sound collage, an all-time favorite episode! "Somehow, it's always optimistic in vibe at the end."
6/20/182:00Back In the LightListenSummer Monday afternoons begin

Summer 2017-2018
Date Lnth TitleAudioDescription
6/17/181:30Sunday Dance Co-op: Expansiveness
6/13/182:00Replay: There's So Much Left to DoListen(What's the secret? Finding out by doing.)
6/6/182:00From the last tour: On Pillows, Mysteries Going On All The Time, In Between DatesListenLive in Ithaca NY, Buffalo NY, Baltimore MD, from 2014
5/23/182:00Lost episodes from 2004ListenTwo chaotic lost sound collage episodes: improvised on-air mixing, looping, sampling, listener phone participation, meditation and noise. Created on live radio in Austin, Texas on 10/26/04 & 11/30/04.
5/16/182:00Great Green WallListenNew sound collage: Dreamy+loopy, unusual&explorative, green!
5/9/182:00Replays: schnappi schnappi schnappi + Our Jill? (Latter Day Sainthood)ListenWe all live on a stage where many infinities gather. Dance to the music.
5/3/181:35Friday Night Dance: Decisions Are EasyA non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
5/2/182:00Replays: One Step Closer + A Little Scream (of me)ListenCorporate propaganda, TV, bears: noise. + The greatest gift is the smile you give to your brother. - McDonald's Corp., 1972
4/25/182:00Limits (taking care)ListenBrand new collage, full of strange, lazy, loopy studies, meditations on saying no, phone calls from Canada, and a happy ending.
4/18/182:00Music From Airports (what's on your mind? nothing)ListenPlayful messiness, beautiful nothingness, and a phone call from the airport.
4/8/181:40Sunday dance (replay of Second Friday Dance, 4/28/17)
4/4/20182:00Replay: Ever Ending Compost (you can make everything)ListenA mess of old shows and personal recordings, a motivational monologue, and fun pop loops, all collaged into one. From 12/4/13, show #489
3/28/182:00Replay: Allowing the past to carry me (Unopened packages)ListenFrom 1/8/14, show #496
3/14/182:00Replay: Back & Forth + Starting Up and Winding DownListen
3/7/182:00Replay: Equinox (light & dark are equal)Listen
2/28/182:00Suddenly See More (won't back down)ListenAccept your imperfections
2/21/182:00Replays: So Now You Take My Breath Away & The Retina of the Mind's EyeListenSelf-induced hyperventilation & the silence between the notes. + The battle for the mind of North America.
2/18/181:40Sunday dance(Later)
2/14/182:00Replay: Around the Town SoundscapeListenSoundtrack to a remote world. An immersive two hours, utilizing only Austin-based music as source material.
2/7/182:00Replay: It's not going to stop (time to get out)Listen
1/31/182:00Replay: Co-existentialism (holding your breadth)Listen
1/26/181:38Friday dance
1/24/182:00A Carousel Ride after Too Much Soup (lost episode), & replay of Children's Television VoteshopListenShows 324 (old favorite) & 336 (new favorite!)
1/17/182:00Replay: Not a Single ThingListen
1/10/182:00New Whirled SymphonyListenFirst new show in ages, a gorgeously playful menagerie. From weeks, moments, emptiness, rejuvenation, confusions, spirits, hope, loves, angst, creation, relief, questions, came glorious absurd sonic beauty and laughter. I'm very proud of this week's mess(age).
12/20/172:00Replay: All over the placeListen
12/13/172:00Replay: Walk Directly Into FearListen
12/6/172:00Replay: Every path is the right pathListen
12/3/171:30Sunday dance
11/29/172:00Lush Field Recordings BlendListenHeadphones on for this live sound collage journey!
11/22/172:00Replays: The Importance of Having a Voice & The Need for Creative InquiryListenTwo classic & mildly political collages in two hours.
11/15/172:00Replay: The Long View (the cathedrals of our age)Listen
11/8/172:00Playing Against TypeListen
11/3/171:35friday dance birthday(Later)
11/1/172:00Replay: Your Turn to Be HappyListen(What do we do? Enjoy it.)
10/11/172:00Replays: Please Call Stella + Why Go On? + Pure ImaginationListenWarm-up with "Please Call Stella". Then Zany hysterical horrific laughing trembling, with dogs, chainsaws, cats, creaking doors, elections, haunted houses, cows, bats, live phone calls about aliens, The Xerox Singers, the 2004 DNC, FDR at UVA, Conversations with God, Brad Fiedel, explosions, thunder, drizzles, Sandra, Matthew, Steve Roach, Halloween, Hanna-Barbera, Johnson, JFK, MacArthur, Reagan: "Why Go On?" Then Drifty dreamscape with Willy Wonka and other world leaders: "Pure Imagination (Inaugural)"
10/10/172:00(WTJU)Mostly rebroadcasts
10/4/172:00Replay: A Series of Dreams (it's a hard-knock life)Listen & commentResurrected from 7/4/10. Sound drifts and randoms and magics and calls and musics and silliness and political fragments and Mary Poppins and Malcolm X.
9/29/171:50Friday Dance: Gravity (and other forces)A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
9/27/172:00Replay: Every Path is the Right Path (& more Long and gentle)Listen(Give up without giving in)
9/20/172:00Replay: the World Opens Up when you Take Structure AwayListenThe action that nourishes you. (Lesson for whole life.) With new playlist chat
9/17/171:40Friday on a SundayCville Dance Co-op Sunday morning. Reused from Friday night 1/27/17, adding two more spoken clips
9/13/172:00Replays: It's All Forgotten Now & Don't Fear the RumsfeldListen
9/6/172:00Revisit: All You Need Is (letting go)ListenWith a new phone call, and new playlist chat
8/30/172:00Reinventing the WheelListenThis dreamscape goes everywhere at once. Come get lost together, remembering and losing your memories and selves.
8/23/172:00Replays: Laughter Brings You Closer (to the)Listen
8/16/172:00Replays: Act and Move On & Long and gentle (How many mistakes?)Listen
8/9/172:00Mid-2000's replays: Swirled Freely & You Have Nowhere to Go (What's Wrong?)Listen
8/2/172:00Mid-2000's replays: A Weird Sense of Cognitive Dissonance, A Sense of Recognition, They Ignore MeListen
7/30/171:40Summer Sunday Dance: Decisions are easy(Later)A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
7/26/172:00Decisions, gratification, escapeListen Hypnotic, dreamy, slow, focused, self-aware, long, explosive, oblivious, fragmented, evocative, quickly evaporating.
7/25/172:00(Fourth summer WTJU)
7/19/172:00Dreams, impossibility, loveListenLife is impossible, yet it happens. Go forward. Do. Keep going.
7/18/172:00(Third summer WTJU)
7/12/172:00Ramu Misses You (is it just me) (lost-episode online debut)ListenResurrected from 11/19/16 11pm at WTJU, never before available online
7/5/172:00Waiting for Ramu (a great big wonder) (lost-episode online debut)ListenResurrected from 11/19/16 2pm at WTJU, never before available online
6/28/172:00Whatever Happens Will Happen Again (lost-episode online debut)ListenDazzlingly complex and absurd environmentally immersive and once live improvised sound collage, complete with ridiculous phone callers. Resurrected from 5/1/04 in KOOP Austin, never before available online
6/23/171:40Friday Night Dance: Create your life path(Later)
6/21/172:00Not a Single ThingListen
6/20/172:00(Second summer radio: WTJU)
6/14/172:00Your Turn to Be Happy (What do we do? Enjoy it.)ListenSometimes it's hard to believe there ever was a night.
6/13/172:00(First summer radio: WTJU)

2016-17 rebirth
Date Lnth TitleAudioDescription
6/4/171:40Sunday Dance: Give LoveListenA non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
5/4/170:49Be Who You Are Today(Later)Before Jeffrey Lewis & Devon Sproule at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Quite likely online later. (See also )
4/28/171:40(Friday Night Dance)(Later)A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
3/12/172:00Equinox (light and dark are equal)Listen(there's nothing left to let go of) (just keep going)
My current favorite child!
3/4/170:42(On stage)(Later)At Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Online later.
2/26/171:40Sunday Dance: Let Go, Let InListenWhat would you let go of? What would you let in? A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
1/27/171:38First Friday Night DanceListenMy first turn at the new cooperatively run Friday night dance I instigated months earlier A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
1/16/172:00Hang onto a dream (America): RebroadcastListen to originalFor MLK day, an edited rebroadcast of "Hang onto a dream (America)": Reflecting on the current state of civil rights in America, this spontaneous collage draws upon dozens of samples, speeches, and corporate anthems, creating an ambiguous if sometimes disturbing meditation on some notions of freedom. With appearances by Noam Chomsky, George W. Bush, Shell Oil, the NSA, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, Jello Biafra, John Lennon...and Neil Diamond.
1/14/171:55Every path is the right pathListen(Give up without giving in)
12/18/161:35December Dance(Later)A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
11/19/162:00Ramu Misses You (is it just me)ListenArchive debut live 7125/17 on WFMU's GTDR
11/19/162:00Waiting for Ramu (a great big wonder)ListenArchive debut live 7/5/17 on WFMU's GTDR
10/2/161:35Dance Co-op CollaborationListenFor the local freeform dance event, I took the do-it-all-yourself music-making slot I was offered and opened it up into a collaborative project, befitting the cooperative aims of the group. I curated, edited, wove and stiched. Working together breeds creative surprises and transforms into play! A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
9/24/162:00(Live radio show)(Later!)All over the place.
9/15/160:37You Don't Have Time (this is good news)ListenFirst stage show in a year, at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Don't search for all the answers at once (a path is formed by laying one stone at a time)
9/11/161:36DancescapeListenDance, swing, connect, differentiate, find and lose ourselves, create and channel, know and forget, cry and laugh and slump and restore, give, take, hold on, let go. A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.
8/8/162:00Walk Directly Into Fear (you can do everything)Listena.k.a. Psycho-musical fracking. First show in a year.

2014-2015 tour+flux
Date Lnth TitleAudioDescription
8/20/150:42(dreams, drifts, swirls)(Later!)The final Owl Sounds Gathering, weaving dreamy improvised sound collage drifts, swirling live seed pods of flight which excitedly float away...
10/1/140:41In Between Dates (choices all around you)(Later!)In Baltimore, MD @ The Crown, w/DJ Hummingbird Feeder between acts
9/23/140:40Playing in a bar is no longer hystericalNopeIn Pawtucket, RI @ Machines With Magnets
9/18/140:35(in Rochester, NY)(Later?)@ Seth Faergolzia's House
9/17/140:55Mysteries Going On All The Time (keep doing those things)New: Listen & PlaylistIn Buffalo, NY @ The Ninth Ward at Babeville
9/15/140:27(in Ithaca, NY)(Later?)@ Chimney Swift Collective Land Trust
9/4/140:33(in Charlottesville, VA)(Later?)'@ At The Southern Cafe & Music Hall: A sumptuously improvisational meeting of bellydance by Fire In The Belly + sound collage. Ken's 500th show!
8/3/140:50Studio Movements(Later?)Collaboration w/Fire in the Belly's improv dancing. Warming up.
3/21/141:00Things Are Looking Up(Later)

Fall 2013-2014: WTJU nights, WFMU days
1/15/142:00Dream to Me (It's all so easy once you let go)ListenPlaylist & discussion & goodbyesNo more after this! The hiatus begins.
1/8/142:00Allowing the past to carry meListenPlaylist & discussion(Unopened packages)
1/7/142:001/8/14's first airing
1/1/142:00Reliving moments in timeListenPlaylist & discussion(Manifest that world)
12/25/132:00Starting up and winding downListenPlaylist & discussionA time for rebirth, we regenerate together.
12/24/132:0012/25/13's first airing
12/18/132:00The Hypnosis Juggling Co-opListenPlaylist & discussion(without judgment)
12/11/132:00Waiting to be the last to leaveListenPlaylist & discussionA call, some introspection, some sound happenings. Resurrected from 4/18/13, now with live playlist comments.
12/4/132:00Ever Ending CompostListenPlaylist & Discussion(you can make everything)
12/3/132:0012/4/13's first airing
11/27/132:00Ken's Tap DinListenDiscussionThe soundtrack for the entire reorganization. Loops, fades, phones, yes. Resurrected from 6/19/13, now w/playlist comments
11/20/132:00We Continue to ApproachListenPlaylist & DiscussionHooray
11/13/132:00Welling Up (like a crab you could go backward)ListenPlaylist & Discussion
11/12/132:0011/13/13's first airing
11/8/130:47(Live Magnolia House / WFMU)Playlist & Discussion
11/6/132:00Co-existentialism (holding your breadth)ListenPlaylist & Discussion
10/30/132:00Sense of Ongoing Everness (when it gets dark we'll go home)ListenPlaylist & Discussion
10/23/132:00The Long View (The cathedrals of our age)ListenPlaylist & Discussion
10/16/132:00Escape to NoiseListenPlaylist & Discussion
10/15/132:0010/16/13's first airing
10/9/132:00Conduct the Symphony of Your LifeListenPlaylist & Discussion(a dream that lasts 20 years)
10/2/132:00My So-Called MindListenPlaylist & DiscussionGoing deep, time unfold. Resurrected from 12/24/12, now with live playlist comments.
9/25/132:00Layers of IndirectionListenPlaylist & Discussion(The party is over when the host serves you a pumpkin.) Originally live 8/2/12; now with double timeshifts
9/24/132:009/25/13's first airing, via 8/2/12
9/18/132:00I Believe (our favorite children)ListenPlaylist & Discussion
9/11/132:00A balloon that you let go of (Timeshifts)ListenPlaylistTelephone timeshifts and comment interleaves.
9/10/132:009/11/13's first airing

2013 Afternoons: WFMU+WTJU
9/4/132:00I want to step acrossListenPlaylist(The line between idea and manifestation)
8/28/132:00Hang onto a dream (America)ListenPlaylistReflecting on the current state of civil rights in America, this spontaneous collage draws upon dozens of samples, speeches, and corporate anthems, creating an ambiguous if sometimes disturbing meditation on some notions of freedom. With appearances by Noam Chomsky, George W. Bush, Shell Oil, the NSA, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, Jello Biafra, John Lennon...and Neil Diamond.
8/21/132:00Beginnings come out of nowhere (Trust)ListenPlaylist
8/14/132:00Less this messListenPlaylist(making sure I don't fall out)
8/7/132:00All you need isListenPlaylist(Letting go)
7/31/132:00Tired of hitting butterfliesListenPlaylist(Reminders to do less)
7/24/132:00My Din With Andre: 2-hour editListenPlaylistAnother celebration, finally online! (Skipped WTJU this week)
7/17/132:00Sing with katydidsListenPlaylist(a trip beneath a beautiful surface)
7/10/132:00It's not going to stopListenPlaylist(time to get out)
7/3/132:00Other shapes are possibleListenPlaylist(Fish dances, before it's too late)
6/26/131:31Ken's East Extra Radioganza LoverListenPlaylistA mess, of floods and tech
6/19/132:00Ken's Tap DinListenDiscussionThe soundtrack for the entire reorganization. Loops, fades, phones, yes
6/12/132:00My Din With Andre replay (2-hour edit)Taking the opportunity to solve dozens of upcoming technical jingle jangles for the new timeslot, two-station simulcast, and multi-caller abilities

May 2012 - May 2013: Late nights
5/30/132:00Something Like Nothing & Beatles Chaos Fugue replaysLast show in this timeslot
5/15/134:00My Din With AndreMore loopy delights. See the edit.
5/2/132:00A little new, and various replaysPlaylistSome things made before (The Decadence of Obsolescence, 3/14/13, & They Ignore Me), and a bit of new making
4/18/132:00Waiting to be the last to leaveListenPlaylist & discussionA call, some introspection, some sound happenings
3/28/132:00(on WTJU)(Soon)Splendiferous callers, multificently
3/14/132:00Conduct the Symphony of Your LifeListenPlaylist(a dream that lasts 20 years)
2/21/132:00Elsewhere, Cat Power live loops, & Illegal Art compilation replaysPlaylistThings I made before: Elsewhere (9/24/00), Cat Power live loops (3/12/06), One Minute Vacation (4/29/01), Illegal Art compilation (2004, incl. field recordings by Quiet American from 2000 & 2002, God's Grandparents, John Oswald, Wobbly), They Ignore Me (12/3/03)
1/31/132:00A Sense of Recognition & So Now You Take My Breath Away replays
1/17/132:00No Tomorrow Life and Layered Laughter Brings New Closure to the Guy replays
12/27/122:00(on WTJU)(Later)Endless layers of shows, mixed with new live callers and other new sounds related to old sounds
12/24/122:00My So-Called MindListenPlaylistGoing deep, time unfold
12/13/122:00Sleep AwayListen & playlistLost in the night (finish your cereal, dude)
11/29/122:00Snow plans to helpListenPlaylist(Do plans tell you what to do?) Talk, into calming.
11/8/122:00I Don't Remember to Breathe. (I do remember.)ListenPlaylistSeeds remembering to grow. (I am expanding.) Introspection, mood, and a phone call.
10/25/122:00Long and gentle (How many mistakes?)ListenPlaylistMeandering, not chatty.
10/11/122:00(on WTJU)(Later)Disco
9/13/122:00Ithaca and WTJU replay premieres(Later)On-the-fly playlist from memoryFirst re-broadcasts of show #430 from 7/12/11 on WTJU, and show #406 from 10/23/09 at Wildfire Bistro, Ithaca, NY, with some new chatter overlaid live
8/30/122:00the World Opens Up when you Take Structure AwayListenPlaylistThe action that nourishes you. (Lesson for whole life.)
8/16/122:00NYC replay premieres(Later)On-the-fly playlist from memoryFirst re-broadcasts of "(Sycamore)", from 11/12/10 in Brooklyn and "Fragments, Join Others," from 4/14/10 at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC, plus "Coincident Symphony" from 5/4/04 at KOOP Austin, with some new chatter
8/2/122:00Layers of IndirectionListenPlaylist & Discussion(The party is over when the host serves you a pumpkin.)
7/19/122:00Paris and Germany replay premieresPlaylist-ishFirst re-broadcast of "Working Out Issues," from 7/8/09 in Paris, plus "You can't grow..." from 6/30/09 in Duisburg, Germany, with a PSA-jamboree in the middle
7/5/122:00Act and Move OnListenPlaylistIf you miss the faux pearls, you get the ducks.
6/21/122:00There's So Much Left to DoListenWhat's the secret? Finding out by doing.
6/7/122:00(on WTJU)(Later)First in a new bi-weekly series.
5/15/120:28(on WTJU)(Later)Playlist (scroll to #19)Last-minute set, continuing from 4 days ago, on WTJU 91.1-FM Charlottesville
5/11/121:09The Decadence of ObsolescenceListenPlaylist(Imagine having my own identity) Overlooking the park from The Garage, Charlottesville, part of Tom Tom Founders Festival
Fall 2010 - Fall 2011: In between
10/12/110:49(in Asheville, NC)(Later)Opened for Diane Cluck & Ash Divine @ Bobo Gallery
7/12/111:16(C'ville part 2, on WTJU)(Certainly! Later.)Live radio show on WTJU 91.1-FM in Charlottesville, VA and internet stream
7/8/110:42(C'ville part 1 at The Garage, w/Diane Cluck & Teen Dreams)(Definitely, later)At The Garage in Charlottesville, VA. Teen Dreams opened, and Diane Cluck played last. (More info)
6/23/110:54(Last NYC show? @ Sycamore w/Diane Cluck)(At some point!)A perhaps last NYC show, a final sonic drift before going adrift.
Cozy seated cellar space I really enjoy, at Sycamore in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.
11/12/100:53(@ Sycamore w/Diane Cluck)(At some point!)I'll get the audio online someday! It was nice. Sycamore's a really nice, cozy place in Ditmas Park. I made space, then Diane made grace.

UK tour, Fall 2010: Music before the shows
9/15/101:00Interstitial replay #5In Norwich, UK @ The Birdcage. Music before show (Terminal Sunshine excerpts & 6/15/10 Toronto set)
9/14/101:00Interstitial replay #4In Leicester, UK @ The Musician. Music before show (Terminal Sunshine excerpts & 6/15/10 Toronto set)
9/12/101:00Interstitial replay #3In London, UK @ The Tabernacle. Music before show (Terminal Sunshine excerpts & 6/15/10 Toronto set)
9/11/101:00Interstitial replay #2In Brighton, UK @ Westhill Hall. Music before show (Terminal Sunshine excerpts & 6/15/10 Toronto set)
9/9/101:00Interstitial replay #1In Bristol, UK @ St. Bonaventure's. Music before show (Terminal Sunshine excerpts & 6/15/10 Toronto set)

Summer 2010
7/4/102:00(Two hours on WFMU)ListenPlaylistAt WFMU. Atmosphere, phone callers, drift, excess. It's pretty.

Summer 2010 tour: Interstitial sets
6/24/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #9: ReplayIn Vancouver, Canada @ Vogue Theater, re-played earlier sets (Terminal Sunshine excerpts as played 6/12/10, and/or 6/15/10's live Toronto creation), before Diane Cluck opened for CocoRosie
6/22/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #8: ReplayIn Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge, re-played earlier sets, before Diane Cluck & CocoRosie
6/21/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #7: ReplayIn Denver, CO @ Gothic Theater, re-played earlier sets, before Diane Cluck & CocoRosie
6/19/101:00Interstitial rebroadcast #6: ReplayIn Madison, WI @ Barrymore, re-played earlier sets, before Diane Cluck & CocoRosie
6/18/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #5: ReplayIn Chicago, IL @ Metro, re-played earlier sets, before Diane Cluck & CocoRosie
6/17/101:00Interstitial rebroadcast #4: ReplayIn Pontiac (Detroit), MI @ Crofoot, re-played earlier sets, before Diane Cluck & CocoRosie
6/16/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #3: Mostly a replayIn Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom, mostly re-played yesterday's live Toronto creation, before Diane Cluck & CocoRosie
6/15/100:30Interstitial performance #2: Live(Yes, later)(Also)In Toronto, Canada @ Opera House, performed live set before Diane Cluck opened for CocoRosie. Audio online at some point, I hope!
6/14/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #2: Excerpts from The Coming StormsHear full original showPlaylistIn Montreal, Canada @ l'Olympia, played pre-made set of excerpts from 4/20/04's The Coming Storms (sampling Brad Fiedel's piano themes from the Terminator soundtrack), before Diane Cluck opened for CocoRosie
6/12/100:30Interstitial rebroadcast #1: Excerpts from Terminal SunshineFull original showIn Boston @ Royale Boston, played pre-made set of excerpts from 9/7/04's Terminal Sunshine (Like a Rainbow Canon) (sampling primarily: Ordinary People movie, Jon Brion's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind theme, Rolling Stone's She's A Rainbow), before Diane Cluck opened for CocoRosie
6/11/100:30Interstitial performance #1: Live(Later)In NYC @ Terminal 5, performed live set before Diane Cluck opened for CocoRosie

2009-2010, after the tour
4/14/100:44Fragments, Join Others(Yes, later)(Also)Become whole again? Audio online at some point, I hope! In NYC @ Sidewalk Cafe. (Also that night: Stan Killian Quartet, Barry Bliss (Official CDR Release Show), Anders Griffen &c)
12/24/093:00Mangler SeenListenPlaylistLive 3-hour NYC-area radio show / internet broadcast, on WFMU
12/12/090:43The Shattering of Many IllusionsListenPlaylistYou don't have to be sick. We'll make sandwiches in the morning. Live in Hudson, NY @ Jean Deux Books and Records, w/Diane Cluck
10/23/090:42(Still untitled) in Ithaca, NY(Yes, later)(Also)Audio online at some point, I hope! At WildFire Bistro (formerly Lost Dog Cafe) (also at show: Diane Cluck, Autumn in Halifax, Ben Miller)
8/26/090:53You get back from the world what you put out thereListen(Someday)In NYC @ Sidewalk Cafe (also at show: C-Monkey, Barry Bliss (curator), Bryan and the Aardvarks.)

Summer 2009 Europe tour
7/11/090:35in Petit-Fays, Belgium @ 6th Ptit-Faystival (also see here)(Maybe)(also at show: Diane Cluck, various others)
7/8/090:59Working Out Issues(Later)Europe tour, show 11 of 12. Possibly my favorite of the bunch. In Paris, France @ l'Espace En Cours (also at show: Diane Cluck, The Capricorn Band)
7/4/093:05Playing in a Bar is Hysterical(Maybe)Europe tour, show 10 of 12. In Berlin, Germany @ Down by the River festival in the Circus at Bar 25 (also at show: Diane Cluck, The Wowz, and 16 other acts)
7/3/090:41in Hamburg, Germany(Later)(also at show: Diane Cluck)
7/2/090:54in Hannover, Germany @ Kiosk Royal(Later)(also at show: Diane Cluck)
7/1/090:48in Freiburg, Germany @ The Swamp(Later)(also at show: Diane Cluck)
6/30/090:42You can't grow if you feel there's a lack in your lifeListen + Video clip(Someday)Europe tour, show 6 of 12. One of my favorites of the series. In Duisburg, Germany @ Originalton Campfire Open Air in Cafe Steinbruch. (also at show: Diane Cluck, Desirée Klaeukens)
6/29/090:52in Köln, Germany @ Kulturbunker(Later)Europe tour, show 5 of 12. This could be the best of the tour, but the recording isn't complete! (also at show: Diane Cluck, krikela)
6/28/090:44in Wetzlar, Germany @ Cafe Vinyl(Later)(also at show: Diane Cluck)
6/28/091:03in Offenbach, Germany @ Hafen 2 Open Air Festival(Later)2nd set, in Halle. (also at show: Diane Cluck)
6/27/090:35in Offenbach, Germany @ Hafen 2 Open Air Festival(Later)1st set, on stage (also at show: Diane Cluck, Susie Asado, and many others)
6/26/090:36in Berlin, Germany @ ArtBar71(Later)(also at show: Diane Cluck, blue in the face)

Summer 2007 - Spring 2009
5/19/090:45Present Mulch @ Sidewalk Cafe, NYCListenPlaylistLive at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC
2/18/090:31(Still untitled) @ The Colonial Theatre, NH(Later)(Later)Live set @ The Colonial Theatre, Keene, NH. Diane Cluck played too.
12/31/083:00mmm noise @ WFMUListenPlaylist(Pre-show announcement) WFMU 91.1-FM NYC area, 90.1-FM Hudson Valley, wfmu.org via internet
12/24/083:00Technology Excess @ WFMUListenPlaylist(Pre-show announcement)
8/4/080:58Tunnel(Someday)(Later)Live radio show on KOOP Austin 91.7-FM & internet. Contrasting inside with outside
8/2/080:58OutsideListen (v2)PlaylistOutdoor show, under a large tree, as sun went down. @ Hot Mama's in Austin, w/Diane Cluck
7/29,7/30/081:10Twlight & Ghost Stories(Someday)Participated in "Twlight & Ghost Stories" ensemble, Salvage Vanguard, Austin. 7/29: Open rehearsal, 7/30: Show
4/13/080:52(Still untitled) @ Cakeshop NYC(Someday)(Later)(Audio archive, source listing, and description coming someday) w/Diane Cluck, Toby Goodshank & Kath Bloom. (Pre-show announcement)
1/8/081:00Let('s) GoListenPlaylistLive show at Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO. People came, sat, ate, I played, people finished eating, Diane Cluck played, and I ate. There was a birthday. Use headphones and experience differently. Or sit and eat, and have a birthday.
6/11/071:00Rocks are not deadListenPlaylistWatch out! (They may people.)
6/8/071:30Something Like NothingListenPlaylistDevelop subtler senses and everything will come to you. In Austin, almost on the 2-year anniversary of last live Austin show.

2005-2007 Podcast-only
For podcast-only shows (Aug. 2, 2005 - May 26, 2007, and July 20 - Dec. 27, 2007), look up original broadcast date below. Subscribe to podcast for automatic bi-weekly audio updates.

2006 - Winter 2007 (From Home)
2/9/070:07Children's Television Voteshop (Edit for FXO)7-minute edit for Frank O'Toole's WFMU CD "Elements of Style: A collection of diverse artists, some famous, others not quite, who are masters in the art of sound collage, mixing musical genres, and creating new statements in the process." Original 1-hour show online here.
9/6/060:17The Sleepwalker live layeringThundarr, by Boys Suck and The Motion Sick
6/23/060:07The 6ths live mixingWinter in July, followed by dance mix
5/19/060:19Pink Floyd live loopsIs There Anybody Out There?
3/12/060:13Cat Power live loopsGood Woman endlessness

2005 Rebroadcasts
7/26/051:00Layered Laughter Brings New Closure to the Guy: RetiredListenReplay of show #368, 5/31/2005: "She doesn't believe it was a cat. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it happens all the same. (always transforming and again)" LAST EVER Austin radio broadcast.
7/19/051:00Surely Laughter Brings You Closer to the Guy: ReassuredListenPlaylistReplay of show #366, 5/24/2005: "I think the cat just fell: Should I go (a way)?"
7/12/051:00Children's Television Voteshop (Behavior Modification): ReeducatedListen & playlistReplay of show #324, 7/27/2004: "The electoral college will have the final voice, 'cause people helping other people is what this world's about. Kids, a Christian Coalition education critique, vote fraud, The Marx Brothers, Barney, and horror movies. You can always count on a police officer whenever you need help."
7/5/051:00No Tomorrow Life: ReinforcedListenPlaylistReplay of show #361, 4/5/2005: "Tranquility is sudden; I look for conclusions."
6/28/051:00Just Wanted to Say Goodbye: RememberingListenPlaylistReplay of show #363, 4/26/2005: "Every day, once a day, give yourself a present."
6/21/051:00Following the Leader: RepeatedlyListenReplay of show #308, 4/24/2004: "Presidents and plastics, a disturbing visit with Bush, Lincoln, D1sney, Monsanto's model home, and Michael Jackson. Listen for the audience applauding for a robotic replica of George W. at D1sney W0rld."
6/14/051:00Karen's Dead / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: RevisitedPart 1
Part 2
Revisiting two of the original Austin performances, shows #262 & #263, from 7/23/2003 and 7/30/2003: "Soundtrack to the beautiful unending experience of Ordinary People." / "Number 2 of 3."
6/7/051:00Smoking: Isn't it About Dads?: 7 1/2-year editListenOne-hour edit of show #163, 1/16/1998: "Public Service Announcement fest, spliced, collaged and reinterpreted in real time."

5/31/051:00Layered Laughter Brings New Closure to the GuyListen(Later)She doesn't believe it was a cat. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it happens all the same. (always transforming and again) [Last new show made in Austin until 2 years later]
5/24/050:31The Guy and K.L.E.R.E.'s mutual interview after the end
5/24/051:00Surely Laughter Brings You Closer to the GuyListenPlaylistI think the cat just fell: Should I go (a way)?
5/17/051:00None of This is What I IntendedListenPlaylistSometimes, out of nowhere, it's like this moment of clarity.
5/10/051:00Redefining FreedomListenPlaylist"We are a great society because we are free society; on the other hand, it is very important for there to be limits." - George W. Bush
4/26/051:00Just Wanted to Say GoodbyeListenPlaylistEvery day, once a day, give yourself a present.
4/12/051:00A Sense of RecognitionListenPlaylistJust like snowflakes.
4/5/051:00No Tomorrow LifeListenPlaylistTranquility is sudden; I look for conclusions.
3/29/051:00Inside of the EndingListenPlaylistI won't dream any further than my own backyard. What do we mean when we differentiate work from play?
3/22/051:00Go at the Speed You'd Like to GoListenPlaylistToday, our whole downtown is completely enclosed, and we have a welcome neighbor: A GE nuclear power plant.
Featured on Radio Boredcast, part of AV Festival 12: As Slow As Possible (International Festival of Art, Technology, Music and Film), curated by Vicki Bennett of People Like Us.
Samples include Wendy Carlos, John Ashcroft, Disneyland, Disco Polka, Tony Shalhoub, WarGames, Mogwai, Diane Cluck, and many others, at many speeds.
"Looks like tomorrow is already here."
3/1/051:00The Retina of the Mind's Eye rebroadcastListenPlaylistMostly not live. Rebroadcast of show #342 from 11/23/04: The Retina of the Mind's Eye.
2/22/051:00Uncertainty is OKListenPlaylistThe more you look, the less you really know. Nothing can go wrong. Show us your papers. Stay calm. Suffer peacefully.
2/15/051:00Don't KnowListenPlaylistSome shared feeling that goes on.
2/8/051:00It's All Forgotten NowListenPlaylistChaotic, delightful, and terrifying, all at once. 12th anniversary show.
2/2/050:20Video Audio Dance ImprovLive, improvised video projection and audio mixing by K.L.E.R.E., over live, improvised dance performance, during The South Austin Artist Circle.
2/1/051:00Our Jill? (Latter Day Sainthood)Listen(Later)Scary
1/25/051:00So Now You Take My Breath AwayListen(Later)Self-induced hyperventilation & the silence between the notes.
1/19, 1/22,
1/23, 1/28/05
0:04Dance Carousel @ Frontera Festival Long Fringe 2005DetailsFour one-minute pieces are featured in the Austin Independent Choreographers' 2nd Annual Dance Carousel, consisting of 40 one-minute dances by 10 choreographers
1/18/051:00Pure Imagination (Inaugural)Listen(Later)God wants us to be free (and to maintain full productivity).
1/11/051:00schnappi schnappi schnappiListen(Later)We all live on a stage where many infinities gather. Dance to the music.
1/4/051:00Swirled FreelyListenPlaylistField recordings and musical electronics.

12/28/041:00Don't Fear the RumsfeldListenPlaylistThe people who shot down the plane over Pennsylvania.
12/21/041:00You Have Nowhere to Go (What's Wrong?)ListenPlaylistAn ode to Walter Murch's THX-1138.
12/14/041:00A Weird Sense of Cognitive DissonanceListenPlaylistThe polarized quality of life these days...
12/7/041:00Giggle Gaggle GurgleListenPlaylistGoing against your doctor's recommendation.
11/30/041:00Lost episode 2004 #3ListenPlaylistChaotic improvised on-air mixing, looping, sampling, listener phone participation, meditation and noise.
11/23/041:00The Retina of the Mind's EyeListenPlaylistThe battle for the mind of North America.
11/16/041:00(Still untitled)(Later)(Later)
11/9/041:00A Little Scream (of me)Listen(Later)The greatest gift is the smile you give to your brother. - McDonald's Corp., 1972.
11/2/041:00The Need for Creative Inquiry (Just sit on the bench and watch the ballgame)ListenPlaylistFree creation without the arbitrary limiting effects of coersive institutions.
10/26/041:00Lost episode 2004 #1ListenPlaylistChaotic improvised on-air mixing, looping, sampling, meditation, and noise.
10/19/041:00Loops in IsolationListen(Later)
10/5/041:00(Still untitled)(Later)(Later)
9/28/041:00One Step CloserListenPlaylistCorporate propaganda, TV, bears: noise.
9/24-9/26/04Parallax ViewPolitically themed shows all weekend @ 9th annual Cinematexas: Parallax View. Non-stop collage of five hours of show edits, in basement of large warehouse, downstairs from films and during party.
9/7/041:00Terminal SunshineListen(Later)Like a Rainbow Canon. Pretty. Not wordy. Last show for a while. What is it you were thinking about?
9/2/042:00Four-show RNC collageListenOthersFour shows tightly edited down to two hours: "Beautiful Terror", "Children's Television Voteshop", "The Wizard of War", and "The Great Communicator." Used in WFMU's Republican National Convention Re-mix, part of The Imagine Festival Of Arts, Issues and Ideas.
9/1/041:00It's a World of BludgeoningOthersMix of It's a World of Laughter and Bludgeoning the Unconvinced down to one hour. Used in WFMU's Republican National Convention Re-mix, part of The Imagine Festival Of Arts, Issues and Ideas.
8/31/041:00Why Go On? (Despair)ListenPlaylistWhen Will the Surprise Happen?
8/30/041:00I Approve This Message rebroadcastOthersVarious episodes used in WFMU's Republican National Convention Re-mix, part of The Imagine Festival Of Arts, Issues and Ideas.
8/24/041:00I Torture Myself (Art & Music as Confessional)ListenPlaylistHow could one not have all of this somehow find its way into their creative work?
8/17/041:00Torture USListenPlaylistWhat has been charged thus far is abuse, which I believe, technically, is different from torture.
8/10/041:00Bludgeoning the Unconvinced rebroadcastListenNot live. Rebroadcast of show #293 from 2/7/04: Bludgeoning the Unconvinced.
8/3/041:00George & Adolf rebroadcastListenNot live. Rebroadcast of show #270 from 9/24/04: George & Adolf / Someone Who Has a Job to Do (I'm a Loving Guy).
7/27/041:00Children's Television Voteshop (Behavior Modification)Listen & playlistThe electoral college will have the final voice, 'cause people helping other people is what this world's about. Kids, a Christian Coalition education critique, vote fraud, The Marx Brothers, Barney, and horror movies. You can always count on a police officer whenever you need help.
7/20/041:00I Approve This Message (A Few More of Those Unknown Unknowns)ListenPlaylistHow did this tradition get started? I don't know, but it's a tradition.
7/13/041:00The Importance of Having a VoiceListenPlaylistLords & peasants, factories & workers; outraged about many things; things you are going to say to people; the right time and the wrong week; just to be able to say that you don't agree; no place like home.
7/8/04Orient(n)ations ProjectPart of Orient(n)ations Project, at ArtPace Gallery, San Antonio, TX
7/6/041:00The Hills Are AliveListenPlaylistFailure is impossible.
6/29/040:30Sheep's ClothingListen(Later)One of my assistants was eating a great-looking salad, so I asked her to order one for me.
6/22/040:30Morally Ambiguous HypnosisListenPlaylistThe past does not equal the future.
6/15/040:30Better Off DeadListen(Later)Is it easier for you to buy things in a store than it was four years ago? (The sound of someone shooting Ronald Reagan.)
6/8/040:30The Great CommunicatorListen(Later)Ronald Reagan said, "We can leave our children with an unrepayable debt, and a shattered economy." (May cause stomach illness.)
6/1/20040:30Decades of Dictatorship (the slippery slope)ListenPlaylistThere's no stopping progress.
5/25/040:30(Still untitled)(Maybe)(Later)700th hour of radio.
5/18/040:30Rewrite Your Agreement with RealityListenPlaylistInteresting people over lovely loops of new Magnetic Fields/Stephin Merritt.
5/11/040:30It's a World of Laughter rebroadcastListenNot live. Rebroadcast of show #297 from 2/24/04: It's a World of Laughter.
5/4/040:30Coincident SymphonyListenPlaylistClassical cut-ups and synchronicity.
5/1/042:00Whatever Happens Will Happen AgainListenDazzlingly complex and absurd environmentally immersive and once live improvised sound collage, complete with ridiculous phone callers.
4/30/043:24Please Call StellaListen(Later)Hours spent all over the place, never calming down. Long special guest slot on KVRX Austin & internet.
4/27/040:30The Wake is Not What Drives the BoatListenPlaylistAnd neither is the wake of your life the reason your life is going in the direction that it is. The wake is a trail that is left behind.
4/24/041:00Following the LeaderListenPlaylistPresidents and plastics, a disturbing visit with Bush, Lincoln, D1sney, Monsanto's model home, and Michael Jackson. Judy Garland is frightened of Whitney Houston. Listen for the audience applauding for a robotic replica of George W. at D1sney W0rld.
4/20/040:30The Coming StormsListenPlaylistOpen space via 32 copies of a piano piece, and then another piece, from The Terminator soundtrack by Brad Fiedel.
4/17/041:30Thank You For Making NoiseListenPlaylistEmmersively environmental loopy pop, rich, perfectly drifty
4/13/040:30Now (Rippling Water)ListenPlaylistThe past flows back from now.
4/8/042:00Around the Town SoundscapeListenPlaylistSoundtrack to a remote world. An immersive two hours, utilizing only Austin-based music as source material.
4/6/040:30A Little Dream (of me)ListenPlaylistDreamy, messy, and collaging old shows together, feels a lot longer than it is.
3/30/040:30Act Without DeliberationListenPlaylistOverlooking the significance of the world; a picture of anxiety. Main sources: Her Space Holiday, Alan Watts. Other sources: Imaginary Landscapes, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Jon Brion), Hugh Le Caine, Wayne Dyer, Guns N Roses.
3/23/040:31The Wizard of WarListenPlaylistMain sources: Philip Glass's The Fog of War, C-Span phone callers re 9/11 Commission hearing, Alan Watts. Also Disney's Peoplemover, Wizard of Oz outtakes, more.
3/16/040:27These DocumentsListenPlaylistThese documents clearly show. The White House Press Secretary's unrelenting assertions about Bush's military service records, how clear the documents are, and how proud the President was. No looping was necessary! Ably assisted by Vangelis, Alan Watts, and Noam Chomsky. (Show #300.)
3/9/040:30Senseless Sequencing #2ListenPart 2 of frenetic sequential collage of dozens of past shows. Not live.
3/2/040:30Senseless Sequencing #1ListenFrenetic and mindless sequential collage of dozens of past shows. Not live.
2/24/040:30It's a World of LaughterListenPlaylistWhile the price of freedom and security is high, it is never too high! Taxes, wars and Walt...you'll laugh 'til you stop, when Bush, D1sney, zen masters and Schoolhouse Rock fit together perfectly.
2/17/040:30Uniquely AmericanListenPlaylistBush says, bring 'em on, we are coming to free you, we will not relent, and we shouldn't walk into other countries and impose our ways. Chomsky says, the media controls the masses. Disney says, every task you undertake becomes a piece of cake, if you whistle while you work.
2/10/040:30Indistinguishable LayersListen(Later)Someone left cake out in the rain. It's melted now. Main sources: 2/7/04 show (Air & Spiro Agnew), 2/3/04 show (phone callers), phone callers.
2/7/040:30Unexpected InterviewInterviewed about show after show.
2/7/041:00Bludgeoning the UnconvincedListenPlaylistWe don't plan to let people influence us. The hour is here. Lyndon B. Johnson and Spiro Agnew speak out on war dissenters, over rhythmic remixing of period music and Air. Main sources: Air ("Mike Mills" from Talkie Walkie), President Lyndon Johnson, VP Spiro Agnew, Rushmore soundtrack.
2/3/040:30What Is It About?ListenPlaylistDrifting, into a crowd of phone callers. Main sources: Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, Quiet American field recordings, callers.
2/1/04Illegal Art MP3 CompilationListenReadCurated this month's Illegal Art online MP3 compilation, featuring over a dozen works not legally allowed to exist. (Read and listen.)
1/27/040:30Last in TranslationListen(Later)Main sources: Film music from Lost in Translation (incl. Air).
1/20/040:30Evil Turned Out Rather WellListenPlaylistMain sources: Cambodia field recording, films (Eraserhead, American Psycho, WarGames, Dancer in the Dark, Brazil, The Karate Kid, Time Bandits), Bjork.
1/13/040:31Splashing Strumming, Sometimes StereoListenPlaylistSanity squandered solving sound snafu. Main sources: The Books, field recording, George W. Bush via The Kinship of Grief and Terrorism.
1/6/040:30Mommy? Clip 2Airing of another portion of Mommy? (2/6/02).
12/30/030:30Mommy? Clip 1Airing of a portion of Mommy? (2/6/02).

12/23/031:27The Kinship of Grief and TerrorismListen(Later)More beautiful terror. Main sources: George W. Bush, Explosions in the Sky, US presidents, Beautiful Terror.
12/22/032:00Beautiful TerrorListenPlaylistA musical-politcal meditation on our world leaders at their most capitvating and horrible. George W., more beautiful than ever. Special 2-hour show. Sources include: George W. Bush, Explosions in the Sky, US presidents, Bjork.
12/20/031:30This Mess is TrueListenPlaylistSources include: Spandau Ballet, Hans Zimmer from True Romance, Bjork from Dancer in the Dark, Simple Minds from The Breakfast Club, Amelie.
12/16/030:30Polyphonic Potato HeadListenPlaylistA speech irony plop. Sources include: Polyphonic Spree, Aimee Mann, field recordings, WarGames film, Q*Bert, Magnetic Fields, Breakfast Club film.
12/9/030:31LightListenPlaylistA polyphonic spree. Only source: Polyphonic Spree.
12/2/030:30They Ignore MeListenPlaylistWhat do they do to you? Main sources: The Breakfast Club film, Johann Pachelbel.
11/25/030:33Realaudio Looping(Later)(Later)The live Realaudio stream, complete with 30-second delay, used as perpetually looping basis for call-in show. On air & very much internet streaming.
11/18/030:30Murmuring Mumbling MutteringListenPlaylistMain sources: Halloween film theme, Mommy?, Love on a Real Train, Hal Hartley films, Mike Oldfield, Diane Cluck, underslept lunatic.
11/11/030:30Beatles Crop FugueListenHighlights from previously recorded live show, Beatles Chaos Fugue - 11/28/98.
11/4/030:30Headache Connection CroppedListenHighlights from previously recorded live session, Headache Connection - 7/19/02, never before aired.
10/28/030:30Penguin Pacman PhoneListenPlaylistMain sources: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Kermit the Frog, Bill Cosby, Karate Kid film music, Pac-Man music, answering machine tapes.
10/21/030:30It's Still Too MuchListenBeatles rebroadcast excerpt from It's Too Much - 7/28/02.
10/14/030:28Cranes, Clocks, GhostsListenPlaylistMain sources: D15n3y'5 Haunt3d Man5i0n, Cranes.
10/1/030:302001: A War OdysseyListenPlaylistGeorge & Adolf on a space carousel. Main sources: George W. Bush via George & Adolf, 2001: A Space Odyssey film music and excerpts.
9/30/030:29Can I Help Someone?ListenPlaylistMarimbas, regret and love on a real train. Main sources: Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream from Risky Business, Hal Hartley's Surviving Desire film, Raising Arizona film music.
9/24/031:00George & Adolf / Someone Who Has a Job to Do (I'm a Loving Guy)ListenPlaylistA delightful romp with W. and his predecessors, and like a Disney ride it ends on the moon. #3 in George W. Bush / Adolf Hitler collage series.
9/23/030:30Doin' it Our Way (A Compassionate Nation)ListenPlaylist#2 in George W. Bush collage series.
9/16/030:29I Just Had to Kill a Lot of People (Pledging II)ListenPlaylistTerrorism, the moon, and a radio pledge drive. Warm-up for subsequent two George W. Bush collage shows.
9/3/030:30Back and ForthListenPlaylistSelf-reference. Sources: Fourtet, Sandra Beckmeier, Herb Alpert, Pachelbel, and 12 past live shows mixed together.
8/6/20030:30Rainbow Dementia (Kids are strange)ListenPlaylistFinal installment in three-week series, not a children's show, not a political show, but more likely a soundtrack to an unknown world.
8/5/20030:25Cat's Meow (Kids are fun)ListenPlaylistFilled in for "Cat's Meow," weekly children's radio show.
7/30/20030:301, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8Listen(Later)Number 2 of 3.
7/23/20030:28Karen's Dead (Give Her the Goddamned Camera)ListenPlaylistSoundtrack to the beautiful unending experience of Ordinary People. Recommended.
6/25/031:00I'm Going to Kill Myself Tomorrow (The failure of America to live up to its ideals)ListenPlaylistpain sadness failure waste running out of time loss nothingness pointlessness I'm going to kill myself tomorrow we're only workers taxes warOne hour moving musically through melancholy and despair.

7/28/021:27It's Too Much (@WFMU)ListenPlaylistFloating, then thick mid-night collage, until it was too much. On WFMU Jersey City/internet. Opening segment and closing Beatles segment especially recommended.
7/19/021:00Headache ConnectionListenSpontaneous southern creation.
6/16/020:47The Flying Sarabande Machine (@free103point9)ListenPlaylistOn radio and in live presense, at microbroadcaster free103point9. Getting back to my radio roots: Drifty collage of what was stuck in my head, so it can be stuck in your head.
2/6/022:00Mommy? (@Chama)ListenDebut of Electronic Musical Experiment @ Chama, East Village. Scary hypnotic weaving, with three-year old niece as glue. Details coming later. Recommended.

12/19/010:41Pursuant to Bureau of Prisons Inmate telephone regulations, all conversations on this telephone are subject to monitoring (at Siberia)Masses of answering machine tapes exposed, live shortwave radio snooping, no one will ever love Magnetic Fields looping, dense layers of repetitive ambience with odd pop samples, and obligatory presidential pleas to Get Back To Work, Evil Doers. At the new Siberia, midtown, following Pocket Zoo, ThemsGoodEatin, Ask The Dust. Playlist coming eventually. Recommended, although may never be downloadable due to incriminating materials.
9/23/010:50Give Peace a Chance, Evil Doer(Description forthcoming) On free103point9/free91point9 Sidewalk Microcast. George W. and John Lennon duke it out
9/1/011:00Garden 6BCLive ambient construction in idyllic East Village garden as the sun set on cool summer evening
8/25/011:00Ethnographic Extravaganza: World Manipulation, on WFMUListenIn the first hour, Rob Weisberg played world music selections from the OCORA series of ethnographic recordings. In the second hour, Ken took Rob's hour and manipulated, layered, collaged, and rearranged it, creating a trance-inducing aural environment. On WFMU-FM and via internet.
7/26/010:35General Protection Fault: OpenMouseSoundlab & Rhizome audiovisual electronic improv event @ Fun, Chinatown. Failure through technology.
7/21/013:30Love on a PATH Train: Regurgitation 1.5(Later)90 minutes and then 2 more hours. Catharsis through a few live, hypnotic studies, daytime to nighttime, in center of outdoor courtyard @ Arts Center on 1st (a.k.a. The 111 Building, a.k.a. The Cigar Factory), Jersey City. Highly recommended. More detailed description will be provided later.
6/3/013:45No More Shitake Mushrooms: C.O.M.A. Summer 2001 Benefit for ABC No-RioVarious sets spanning 5-1/2 hour event, experimenting with NYC location recordings, a tribute to the Park Slope Food Coop, and spontaneous improvisation with various wandering musicians. At ABC No-Rio, amidst overloaded environment of improvisers, filling every nook of four-story building. Portions recommended
5/18/011:30Expect DelaysMicrophone delay feedback chain during party, becoming spontaneous loop-processed jam w/samples, delays, amps, viola, organ, kitchenware and mouths, at Chateau Rob & Katie, Hoboken
4/23/010:45Excess Vitamin C: The Knitting FactoryListen to sets 2&3Various sets at The Knitting Factory, main stage, ending with a Dufus collaboration. Pee, flush, yiddish in Brooklyn, even more Microsoft sounds, noise. Alternating with Dufus, The Moldy Peaches, Purple Organ, others. More information forthcoming.
4/18/010:30Dufused (@WFMU)Subtle electronic collaboration underneath live Dufus set, WFMU
4/17/011:32Neuborns Feel Pain (@WFMU)ListenNoise crunch; ummm uh you know ummm whatever; torturous Dufus loop excess; more Microsoft sounds; machine density; hello?; infinite Karma disjoint combination resolution; uninspiring interview. On WFMU 91.1 FM NYC/90.1 FM Hudson Valley/internet broadcast. (Pre-show announcement)
3/24/013:35Regurgitation in Four PartsListen to a loopy clipFour closely related sets @ Regurgitation Show, art & music expo, Arts Center on 1st, Jersey City. Segments recommended. Description to be expanded later. (The loopy clip is "The Hello MS Regurgitation Loop Clip.")
3/16/012:25Loops in LoveNoisy, loopy, large, and pop 80's deconstruction, with massive Air Supply Lost in Love segment. Recommended. At free103point9 party and broadcast, Williamsburg. Description to be expanded later
2/11/011:54Short StoriesImprovisational event on Lower East Side, C.O.M.A. Winter 2001 Benefit for ABC No-Rio. 14 brief and unique sets throughout 7-hour event, totalling about 2 hours of sound. Not as suicide-evoking as Summer 2000 Benefit (6/4/00), but qualified. Some sets were successful, and recommended. Description to be expanded later.

11/11/001:00Station Identification (@WFMU)(Description to be provided eventually) On WFMU, 91.1 NYC, 90.1 upstate, internet: RealAudio, MP3, Windows Media. Pre-show announcement is here.
11/4/000:40Wasted SpoilerAmbient, loopy, mild consciousness-raising set at "Green Party," a Ralph Nader fundraiser at "The Plant"
10/5/000:45Feedback at The OfficeFinding an unattended mic and an amp, an adventure into musical feedback was launched. At "The Office," a 10,000 sq. ft. performance space and construction site in SoHo. Video by CitAC
9/24/001:15Elsewhere InteractiveCall-in show in Williamsburg, with Carrie and Tom of free103point9
9/24/001:35ElsewhereListen to excerptsPlaylistNoise, layers, building terror and hypnotic immersion from within a cement bunker at Momenta Art, in the Williamsburg Elsewhere Festival, to gallery audience and live broadcast on pirate radio station free103point9. Various sources randomly co-opted. Recommended. Request CD.
8/26/000:15Minimalist KarmaYet another interpretation of Radiohead's Karma Police, this one more minimalist and repetitive, at showing in Harlem
7/16/000:00Hacked at H2KAnti-censorship-themed mix for 2600's H2K, third HOPE conference (Hackers On Planet Earth) @ Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC (Censored)
6/4/005:45Insert CoinListen to 47 mins.Extravaganza closely interwoven with large improvisational event @ C.O.M.A.'s 2000 ABC No-Rio Benefit, NYC. Game Over. 3 laptops, 3 CD players,12-track mixer, tuner, amp, bass amp, 2 speakers, microcasette recorder, portable mini-disc recorder, mini-disc player, three mobile microphones, two walkie-talkies, cell phone, drum machine, spectator-driven vintage video game feedback, ample sampling of spectators and participants, all driving performer to desire to die. One particular 70-minute segment is pleasantly frightening, and recommended for relistening.
5/27/20001:03Y2Ken (@WFMU)ListenPlaylistVarious hypnotic loop and classic video game experiments crammed perilously into a single hour. On WFMU, 91.1 NYC area / 90.1 Hudson Valley area / internet broadcast.
5/13/001:00Pre-Coin Q-Bert Terror PianosChaotic piano building, Q-Bert of Terror, Moby stretch plus sounds, Karma drag, Stevie Wonder transition, at Halcyon in Brooklyn. Largely inspired by classic video game sound effects
3/28/000:45No RushingExtended, lovely experimentation with Moby's Rushing, at a private location in Chelsea

11/20/993:00Piracy Breeds Lunacy4 sets throughout 6.5-hour event in Brooklyn, broadcast on pirate radio station free 103.9. More live Radiohead mixing, including Let Down (varispeed, layering), Karma Police (remixing of Extended Karma revisited), Thinking About You (manual loops yielding pleasant extension). Also Magnetic Fields loops, audience sampling, band sampling and looping, smatterings of straight weirdness, etc.. Also individual tracks: Moby God Moving, Momus Old Friend New Flame, Ken's Extended Karma, Ken's More Hanson Please, M-Slick's Karma and Spice Girls, Negativland Greatest Taste... (Tape 2 is fun)
5/14/999:00Lost in LoopsKen's Last Ever WHRW Extravaganza. First 3 hours: New, hypnotic, beautiful loops made out of: Magnetic Fields, Van Halen, Liz Phair, Radiohead, Peter Schilling, Kermit, etc. Highly recommended. Remaining 6 hours: I don't recall. (Warm up: Joe Frank radio shows)
1/30/996:00Confusing CollaborationShih Ming KaoWarm-up: Old confusing shows that themselves included old confusing shows. Recommended. Following 1.5 hours: New Radiohead mixing tricks (echo rhythms) layered with highlights of old confusion collaborations (esp. 9/7/97, with added classical music layer). 9/3/98 fight with Tanya/Satan samples. Remaining 4.5 hours: As confusing as a show has ever been. See more details about this show.) I rescind the 4.5-hour rebate of time back to your life, since this show turned out well.

Fall 1998
11/25/983:00LAST EVER Beatles Chaos FugueListenA true last ever, this 3 hour show moves through surrounding controlled chaos and then finds itself lost within a rich Beatles Fugue mix in the second half. Highly recommended.
11/22/981:30Fun rerun?
11/19/981:30PSA rerunMostly 1/16/98 (Smoking: Isn't It About Dads?), with 1/22/98 (Joey Ramone's Dining Hall Girl Quest) and bits of 4/23/97 10pm-1am (Old shows collage and OTE 9/96 clips)
11/17/982:00Rerun of rerunsMostly mixed clips of 9/21/97, which contained clips of many other shows
11/10/982:00Slow on SpeedTwo more hours of pitch-shifting experiments, exploring the richness of detail within a few seconds of a song, and then finding new musical patterns through high-speed compression. Either too slow or too fast
11/3/982:00Pitched RadioheadNew Let Down layering, then hypnotic pitch-shifting experiments. 99.9% Radiohead, .1% Hanson. Recommended.
10/29/981:30Dining Hall Girl 2 (Mark "Storm Guy") RerunRebroadcast 5/12/98-1, 10 minutes of 5/18/98, and a remix of WHRW shows from Colin during last 5 minutes
10/22/982:30Loopiest RerunRebroadcast 6/18/98-2 (Loopiest Ever), time compressed, with clips of 6/11/98 and some Coil MP3's at edits
10/18/19983:00Ambient Beatless MP3'sPlaylistAs introduced by the president of the RIAA. Very moody, extremely scary, seemlessly mixed, added backmasking. Predominantly NWW, Coil, Aphex Twin. Recommended for 3 hours of low-key terror
10/7/981:3090 Minutes of NoiseLatest Radiohead remix debuted: Corrupted Karma (demonstrating various combinations of what happens to Radiohead when a computer is fooled into thinking it's dealing with a different type of audio file). Also plenty of Merzbow and some Plunderphonics
9/29/981:30Samples Calls Akira OTE Glass

Summer 1998
9/3/983:00Last Last Ever / Turing TestSampled Tanya from previous week hits on caller ("I'm going to call you, Colin, and you're gonna suffer"), and gets anti-homosexuality lecture. First ever appearance of caller getting into a fight with a computer, audio sample collage, tiny Press the Button sample, A Whole New World ... Recommended, especially Tanya Turing test section
(Listen to the entire show) (Taken offline)
6:00More Hanson, please: Freshmen Jamming IIIMore Hanson, please. Final Freshmen Jamming (Part 3). Revisited Radiohead loops. Tanya duplicity sampling jamboree. ("John, I think I have you outnumbered: there's about 7 of me and 1 of you.") Nobody knows who's live and who's electronic. And Joey Ramone sings King Diamond. High level of confusion. (Portions highly recommended, particularly tapes 2-3.) Listen to the entire show (Taken offline).
8/20/986:47Laptop ExtravaganzaIncludes live Extended Karma - even longer than the original Extended Karma Extravaganza. Also rare Radiohead, etc.
8/13/986:00Contemporary Khan Kidneys
8/6/984:30(Still untitled)
8/5/983:00(Still untitled)
7/30/986:00(Still untitled)
7/23/986:35Penis death (God did it, God did it)
7/16/986:00Freshmen Jamming, Part IINew students come to the disco in the union, and discuss oral sex in Spanish. Tube Amp sings of riot-control steps. Phone callers. ...
7/10/982:30Rebroadcasts6/5/96, 5/18/98, 7/9/98
7/9/986:30Freshmen Jamming, episode 1 of 2Sketchy John picks up Melissa and Vanessa, PT Mike throws party in Onondaga 4H w/ Keith Hessian, Weezer loops, Tube Amp sneeze sampling, etc.
3:05Most ANNOYINGPut to a vote for most annoying show, I lost by a wide margin. - New monostereo deconstruction (L-R unsynching), dishwashing Weezer loops, Wooly belch shifting, free tape giveaways, pregnant on Old State Rd., request for 'I Hate That Quiche, Man' (9/5/97), apprentice, Mad Trivia annoying votes: "You can't compete with those guys!", caller overload, wrap up with dishwashing Weezer relief. Recommended: Weezer loops (tape 1, side B), funny calls (tape 2)
3:00Nonsensical poetryAlso loops, pitchshift, eerie mood and electronic music, Wooly scrotum loop, "5,4,3,2,1", etc. Poor Henry Rollins ("and the shrink that was picking my brain"). Interesting
6/19/981:03Rebroadcast 6/18/98
(Listen to the entire show) (Taken offline)
3:05Loopiest EverHighly recommended - Layering loops, usually very cleanly - A few pop songs explored, with intermissions. Listen to the entire show (Taken offline)
6/18/98-13:00Rebroadcast 6/11/98Pilgrim engineered
6/12/981:25Rebroadcast 6/11/98
6/11/983:00Classical Moody Mix: Summer TwoRecommended
6/10/982:54Rebroadcasts, w/apprentice Tom
6/5/982:15Rebroadcasts, music
6/4/983:20(Summer 98 #1 - Untitled)Ambient, compusamples, compuPSA, computalk - Perhaps too long. Electronic voice talking about Dads ("What's it mean to be a Dad? It means when my Dad beats me up. It's like when my Mom and Dad get into a fight and my Dad sleeps on the couch."). Interesting, eerie, moody. Lots of references to earlier shows, like Dad cart references. Still interesting as stand-alone, but voice part would be more meaningful with background of carts. But much more happens in the show.
6/3/982:37(Still untitled)Chatter, rebroadcasts
5/29/983:00(Still untitled)

Spring 1998
5/18/983:00Compuradiohead DeluxeThe best Radiohead remix yet - Highly recommended
5/14/982:05Rebroadcast both 5/12/98 shows, plus Mark Storm Guy impressions
5/12/983:00Compumixing Radiohead, funny loops, Negland Happy Heroes, etc.
5/12/983:00The search for Dining Hall Girl concludes, with Mark "Storm Guy"The follow-up to the 1/22/98 show, seeking closure to the unfulfilled quest. Turns into an all-out attack on a rapping, aspiring meteorologist. Tape 2 recommended (once "Storm Guy" shows up)
(Download audio)
1:20Radiohead Extended Karma ExtravaganzaFirst half: Noisy combinations of found stuff and last week's Live Melanie Inspirations; Second half: My unfinished Radiohead Karma Police remix, debuted for copyright infringement values, and then a spontaneous Radiohead Let Down mixing
4/28/981:30Live Melanie and Adam inspirationsLive Extravaganza band remixing Melanie and Adam, with theramin, ugly stick, keyboard, nose flute, violin, guitars, the vomit dance, and more! Melanie later performed her song on stage at a CD Release Benefit, and declared afterwards: "Ken, like, took this song and, like, totally destroyed it on the air. But it was funny, it was funny! I thought it was funny."
4/21/981:30Rebroadcast 11/18/97 (repetitive mixing), w/ 1/23/98 (BIG UP)
4/14/981:30Melanie Indonesian Nakedness, in stereo
4/7/981:30Ambient MixHeadphones required
3/31/981:30Outdoor FeedbackStudio mic placement, ambient outdoor sound effects, other noise
(Read the lengthy pre-show announcement)
1:30Random Radiohead Remix Rebroadcast
3/16/987:30Universal ClockRealAudio fails, computer mixing, live Wooly Band kazoo burping, Catholic Connection, universal clock, KLF ABBA MP3, Plunderphonics, DTMF touch tone phone dialing on air, reunion w/Thurston of 2/17/96 show, etc., w/PT Mike. Portions recommended
3/12/981:25Pilgrim's Interpolation Becomes Snow Queen Aweemaway Tube Amp Matt Crazy
3/11/980:30Buenos Noches Plane Crash Coffee Drama, with PeanutsPilgrim, PT Mike, Ken, Tube Amp, Bunny
3/10/981:30RealAudio feedback debutTaped administrators (w/Tube Newton & Pilgrim), Lee Renaldo caller from Sp96 calls back with snack, Maryland RealAudio delay caller, San Francisco RealAudio delay caller, Guam caller, Wooly, SA Meeting delay, etc.
3/3/981:30Why worry worry worry worry when Malcolm X is at 28.8K?First RealAudio internet broadcast, w/beats and sound effects, more debating phone callers, more Malcolm X, more Marcy, and more highlights of old Extravaganzas
2/26/984:58Eagle EarsCup drama, sound effects, talking to Quake-playing Tube Amp, Marc Eagle and Mike Simon, w/Pilgrim
2/25/980:30A Cup of Extravaganza and a Butchered Radio Drama Later...Coffee drama remix. "I'll go check the truck"
2/17/981:30Malcolm X rerun, with new callers
2/10/981:25(Still untitled)
2/8/982:43Tag TeamingMelted records, porn movie, "thank you for making noise", etc.
2/6/980:10Longest everNegativland
2/5/983:00Half calls, half broken storiesFirst 45 minutes: Coldcut, Momus, Negativland Sex Dirt. Reordered poetry. "More noise please." Etc. Then, stupid people on air and Keith accusing Pilgrim of being Dining Hall Girl. Wooly, Big Ups. Lots of confused layering of talking and callers from different shows, which leads to funny and confusing results (I still have no idea what's going on in this show). Then an abrupt switch to spoken word splicing using political tapes, and multiple Mark Twain stories edited for maximum confusion. Interesting show. More rambling detail is available.
2/4/980:30Coldcut rebroadcastSide B of 2/1/98 show
2/1/982:33Mozart Trazom ColdcutTaped until 12:47am - 45 minutes of Mozart remixing, then other interesting things
1/28/983:00Beaurocratic NOISEPhone, open mics on administrative types, feedback. ("Biggie fries" Tube Amp debut?)
1/24/981:30Fast CD's ...
1/23/983:00BIG UPBig up all those who be deserving big ups, disrespect all others. Cult following ensued. At least some of it recommended
(Listen to entire show) (Taken offline)
3:00Joey Ramone's Dining Hall Girl QuestJoey Ramone seeks true love in finding his stalked Dining Hall Girl, via a team of well-intentioned participants interviewing the world. Cult following ensued. Recommended. Part two on 5/12/98, 4pm. Listen to the entire show (Taken offline)
(Listen to 1 hour)
3:00Smoking: Isn't it about Dads?Public Service Announcement fest, spliced, collaged and reinterpreted in real time. Later participation via telephone nonsense, and ambient noises. Recommended.

Fall 1997
12/17/974:13Matt Biscuiti Part II (aka Laurie Quinlan)Matt Biscuiti was supposed to be here from 4 to 1 (Pushing the limits of inside jokes, but also very entertaining, quick, funny, clever, cult following ensued. Highly recommended, if you can stand it. Reward to person who guesses how many times the phrase is used on the show (hint: it's more than 100). Successful mass hypnosis. And anyone involved with WHRW, SUNY B, or the SA in '97 must have this.)
12/15/973:00Def Washing Matt Biscuiti from 4 to 1First half: Quadruple dish-washing hypnosis with repeated pop loops and catatonic Philip Glass, Def Leppard/Metallica/Malcolm X collage. Second half, Matt Biscuiti is used in modern Laurie Quinlin systems from 4 to 1. Cult following ensued. Show #2 (12/17/97) might even be better. (But Matt Biscuiti is supposed to be here from 4 to 1. Repetition becomes mob rule. Reward to correct guesser on number of times the phrase is used.)
12/1/971:30Eno Loop ConfusionConfusing - Eno and other vinyl weirdos, Smegma noise, Land of the Loops loops
11/26/973:00Technoillbient Batman noiseTechnoillbient, Smegma noise, Batman study, string concerto splicing, dish washing messages. . .
11/18/971:30Repetitive music-mixing spaceMusic-mixing space: Classical, Quake, old repetition themes
10/23/973:00Bad Religion interviewProduced and engineered
10/11/973:00Club Jam Surgeon VacationDJ Sugarbear tribute (big up for Barbie), inspiring death threats from Ton EP, leading to abrupt switch: we are go, Over the Edge, surgery, backwards TooMany (intensely fast sequencing of pop-music hooks, played backwards, offering $1,000 for successful identifications), Go-Go's Vacation Madonna Holiday mix. The Apollo 18/Fly By Night Radio/We Are Go looping is irresistable, and probably recommended
10/4/974:38Classical laughing spaceClassical space, speaker-blasting segment, laughter and other noises
10/4/973:00Space madness w/PT Mike & Pilgrim10 Cocteau Twins at once, Rev. Filas mixing, penis, FBN
10/2/973:00Firesign TheatreSome good, some not so good
10/2/973:19Preview again, lots of Plunderphonics, two Firesign Theatres
9/29/970:42Rebroadcast, preview Too Many Songs #3

Summer 1997
9/22/971:25Uh...THIS is the last everWeen Ween mix jam Fly By Night Matt Foofighters
9/21/975:40Last ever last everCasio man, receptacle improv, noise, old shows mixed, John Cage
9/15/97-24:45Cows can't have cheese without the white manMalcolm X, cows, cheese, receptacle, American Express, what are you wearing? caller confusion (Recommended? Producing this show was an intense experience)
9/15/97-11:28Clearance TestRadiohead, TV Dinners, Godmoney st
9/7/974:31Are you a partyliner?NOISE callers Glass music carousels
9/5/973:00I hate this quiche, manReceptacle space Copycat (Recommended?)
9/1/975:29Extravaplunderphonic receptacle mic space visibleDon't Worry if it Sounds Funny stutter loops, Abbott&Costello loops/distortion, Radiohead How Can You Be Sure cutting/manipulating/looping, sampling and cutting other sources, incl. Radiohead, Air Supply, Music for TV Dinners, phone callers, Visible?...
8/31/97-25:34Music space phone etc.
8/31/97-13:00Daehoidar EcapsAll Radiohead: Every direction and speed, infinite loops (99% Radiohead, 1% Biz Markie)
8/27/976:00Full power of SpaceVery scary show. Recommended, I think.
8/16/973:00Monostereo noise mixBeatles, Bowie, Simon&Gar de-stereo'd (distinct left and right channels carefully brought out of synch with each other), BowieQueen loop, Negland Dispepsi, R.E.M.=Stone Roses, space sample
8/9/973:00Religious parasitesMark Smith passed a 14-inch tapeworm, Dispepsi
8/2/975:50Space, noise, Alicia, Radiohead, PT Mike, Copycat
7/29/971:30Radiohead and Beatles layeringSome music too
7/26/973:00Beatles stole from RadioheadLayering Radiohead, music, more Radiohead

Spring 1997
3:05Spoken World - First Ever ExtravaganzaAll space, listenable mixing of spoken & World music - Clean and interesting, vast array of sources, probably recommended
6/4/973:50Mostly new music, some weirdnessPoetry, new music, no real space
5/22/973:00Trivial MadnessCelebrating death of Mad Trivia Party, callers, Knight Rider, Buzzbomb, Rebel1, Batman, dead people, Sweet Pea
5/21/974:03Music '97Straight music - Favs only, clean, no space, no talk
5/14/973:03Year End '97 - Music excerptsShih Ming KaoOnyx w/PT Mike & John, Simon overkill, mixing, words, music, short attention, Dayna Brown, Greek TMBG, Kiss, Cheap Trick
4/27/971:33NOISESpoken, humor, Wobbly, Onyx, noise
4/23/97-23:00Next to Last Last Ever Space (Mixing, noise, music, etc.)Old shows collaged, Over The Edge, King Missile riff, Maya Angelou, Homemaking, Ethel Merman, Power Rangers, Onyx, good Mag/Neg SI's, Ben Stern
4/23/97-13:03Mixing, word splicing, music, etc.Cantaloop US3 Herbie Hancock, Wobbly, Islam 101 caller, PT Mike, Apocalypse Now, Kerouac
3/30/979:38James is GayLive Radiohead, then mass party-line madness, w/James, Rebel, Atomic Dog, Puddle, Moonchild 2, etc.
3/28/971:32Outdoor RadioCB radio on campus, broadcasting outdoors w/Saint (The story of this show). Digression from Pop. Talk of new building. Stalking public safety
3/27/976:39Multilingual ReceptacleExcellent foreign spoken splicing music, then hours of on-air party line: Rebel 1 meets Moonchild. (The story of this show) Recommended
3/25/972:45Tax Tip Mixing"Don't underpay", ambient, goth, space, mixing, Fatso, Radiohead Mixing, Rachel's, Your Woman
3/24/970:15Fake newscast
3/23/972:44Internet BrowsingFake news, CR2 noise, other stations, internet mic, Negland Crosley Bendix (The story of this show)
3/21/973:00Fake news, Avant Disregard, weird callers, Radiohead mix

Winter 1996/97
2/2/972:52Last ever-reallyPastor Dick, phone, Stephen King, Firesign, Weezer, CR2, Fisk, "Fruity Ass" rapper, funny phone
1/29/971:30Completely Non-ExtravaganzaShorts, nothing, spoken
1/29/971:07Copycat Coast Guard
1/27/973:53Portsmouth Wesley, annoying effects, CR2
1/23/972:40Noisiest EverDigital delay debut, all CR2 - SPACE. Turning point: More towards noise
1/20/972:19Homicidal ShowSpace mixing, phone, stereo Indonesian, Clothing tax, Blue in the Face beat, Scream, CR2 World, psychiatrist call
1/18/973:00Summer EditionFiresign, spoken, mixing, Fear Reaper, Moog
1/16/973:00Extrav on Eggs, w/JoeFunny mixing, music, Myst overkill - Tape 1: Mixing, w/o Joe. Tape 2: Ken & Joe reunite for the last ever time before such things are outlawed. Anti-landlord overkill
12/31/962:45Best of: 6/20/96, 1/28/96, 6/5/96First Night, no Dan Jan, rebroadcasts

Fall 1996
12/19/963:00Music: Strange funny mixing spokenFiresign, Fisk, Sesame St, Rollins, Clambake, Esquivel, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Jello Biafra
12/19/963:36New MixingLong phone calls over noise, Pastor Dick, new vinyl words
12/14/961:25Tape head feedbackWorld, Negland Pastor Dick, Linus & Lucy, Danny Elfman, CB test, after Copycat
12/3/963:02Music mix, mild space: Chants, World, Hunter S. Thompson, Fisk
11/27/963:00Thankless Still HurtsMusic, Myst, EBN, Plunderphonics, Steven Bernstein, Propagandhi, crazy space at end, Copycat on 2
11/17/962:25w/CopycatSpace, Flintstones, Jetsons, Ghostly, R&J Radiohead
11/6/961:30Pop...SPACEMusic, Negland, weirdness

Summer 1996
8/26/963:00One small step for Wesley: Last show (for now)Weird, fun, CR2 stereo, medical
8/22/963:00Last Ever Sum96Too crazy, milkduds, Wesley madness
8/15/963:00Sum96 #7Cacophony w/Ben, Gregg, Bny. Painful
8/8/962:53Sum96 #6SPACE: Mixing, cajun, Magnapop scan, country, mixing, Negland long Copyright Act
8/1/962:45Sum96 #5: Loeb LawLisa Loeb, poetry, Tom Waits
7/25/963:01Sum96 #4Heavy Metal, Clockwork Orange mix, Fiddler Roof mix, Python, Beats from Him, sndtrcks, Copycat set (Fiona debut), Stewart
7/22/961:41w/KevinCharles Manson, Bee Gees, King Missile
7/18/962:59Sum96 #3Magna SI's, Tiny Tim, country Ween, James Joyce, Lilac Time, You wanna be my friend?, Bee Gees medley, Copycat set. Tape 1: musical, Tape 2: sleepy
6/20/963:00Sum96 #2Foofighters splicing intro, mixing, humor, Magnapop medley, Frogs, Xavier spiders, short Copycat set
6/13/963:02Sum96 #1Negland, Frogs, Wesley, Copycat set. Turning point: Longer sets, less talk

Spring 1996
6/5/963:00Music Space mixFun, wonderful mix - Humpback speeches Rev. Filas Negland Marcy
5/7/961:28Last Sp96 SpaceFun, neat mix, Xavier phone, Pitchblende, music, Happy the Harmonica debut
4/30/961:26It's Supposed to Hurt the First Ten Minutes: Sp96 Next to LastKen is odd, VCS, Negland, music, Kids in Hall, Xfiles
4/23/961:25Music, stuff, fun, VCS, Shel Silverstein, Janet Choi
4/9/961:20Mexican FoodVCS, Wesley, talk
4/2/963:00Spring Break Wesley FingertipsThrashy, new music, random, TMBG & Wesley bits
3/30/962:51Copycat introMark Knopfler segues
3/26/961:25Space? Not reallyJust music: Brazil, Wesley, Velvet Cactus Society, MC 900 ft Jesus
3/19/961:25Sp96 Space #6Wesley Willis overkill
3/12/961:25Sp96 Space #5Songs, talk, McDonald's, etc.
3/5/961:30Sp96 Space #4Negativland, talk, blah
2/27/961:25Sp96 Space #3Yet more phone talk w/music - Very funny. Debut of Tube Amp as Solomon, obtaining calculus homework help from other callers
2/20/961:30Sp96 Space #2Debuts of Timothy & Xavier, great callers
2/13/961:30Sp96 Space #1Star Wars, Pop, Ambient, Clockwork Orange. Turning point: Experimentation becomes more serious
1/28/963:00VarietyStraight music mix - Very listenable

Fall 1995
12/16/953:03F95 Programming Endsw/Steve, Betsy, Danielle
12/14/951:21Last Ever HurtingMusic and muzac
12/13/950:30?Alicia Silverstone Extrav #7No talk?
11/30/951:30Negativland HurtsMusic & Negland Time Zones
10/26/950:45Tony?: F95 Space 5Steve on phone, He's in the can. I accidentally turned the show over to the next DJ 45 minutes early
10/19/951:30Many Songs #2: F95 Space 4200 more songs in 90 more minutes. This show gave me a fever. (See 4/6/95)
11/15/950:30Alicia Silverstone Extrav #6w/Joe
?/?/950:30Alicia Silverstone Extrav #5w/Joe
10/18/950:30Alicia Silverstone Extrav #4w/Joe
10/12/951:27F95 Space 3Hurts - Pop blocks
10/5/951:30F95 Space 2Noisy layers, stereo, lots of stuff, random
9/28/951:30F95 Space 1Radiohead megamix, cart splicing. Probably the first Radiohead experimentation in what would become a 5-year-long obsession. Turning point: Became denser, less silly
10/11/950:30Alicia Silverstone Extrav #3w/Joe
10/4/950:30Alicia Silverstone Extrav #2w/Joe
9/27/950:30Alicia Silverstone Extrav #1w/Joe. Cult following did not ensue. This is probably the only good show of the series. "Good" used lightly
9/24/953:00Creepy phone call #2Again, the interesting activity was off the air
9/20/953:00Ken & Joe's Last Ever Wednesday Night Radio ExtravaganzaBut then we felt compelled to do the Alicia Silverstone series. Why didn't anybody stop us?
9/20/954:49Lots of requests - Taped convos
9/17/953:46Post-Ithaca BosstonesPlenty Bee Gees & Abba
9/3/953:47Creepy phone callThe interesting activity was off the air

Summer 1995
7/17/954:30Transmitter problemsIncl. covers set
6/6/953:00Happy StalkingCareful music mix, planned precisely around tape flips
6/4/953:32Homeless #5 - Radiohead stolenRadio inspired by theft (and sleeping in a car)
6/1/959:45Homeless #4Complete albums: Sisters of Mercy, Crash Test, Breeders, Sugar, Moxy, Magnapop
6/1/956:20Homeless #3
5/30/956:05Homeless #2Maybe 5/31/95
5/29/956:53Memorial Day Stuck in BinghamtonHomelessness - Pipe Dream nightmares

Spring 1995
5/12/953:42Saddest Ever - Depressing
5/4/952:00? LastMaybe didn't do
4/13/953:00w/Jen Flynn, no Happy Hour
4/13/952:30Music by young guys who aren't deadMusic, soundtracks
4/?/950:00Short showBetween 4/6 & 4/13/95
4/6/952:00Many songs #1200 songs in two hours. Refiling was no fun. Tried this again 10/19/95
3/22/953:00Talk w/Brian Evans, Ben's machines, Ben's PSA's
3/16/952:00Engrava-ganza: Space IIICosby, Dante cart, Star Wars, Star Trek beaming, Happy Hour, mixing, Friends?. First ever on-air engraving
3/2/952:00Space IIAnnoying: Ashley, Wally Pleasant, Celest Nav, Brady, Offspring medley, Cosby, Who's on 1st. Supposedly funny
2/24/950:30Non-PacificaSugar's second debut
2/23/953:00Dave & Pete - Sugar's Extrav debut
2/16/951:55First Ever Thurs Space: What is Space?You get a gorilla and then the old gorilla and you get a gorilla and then the old gorilla. Turning point: Became confident about experimentation
2/11/953:00Johnson 3NLive Dave & Pete, Rachel
2/2/955:55Ken & Joe's First Ever Second Bi-Annual "II" Thursday Night Radio ExtravaganzaJoe sings Vaseline, Kenny set. Fortunately for the listening world at large, this was our last show together until 9/20/95.
1/26/956:00Ken & Joe's First Ever 2nd Annual Thursday Night Radio ExtravaganzaSame night as meeting
1/19/953:00Joe only?
1/21/953:00w/Joe1st set to B, Johnston, Brady, Jingle Cats, Bob & Doug space

Fall 1994
12/12/942:52Finals, w/JoeSinging, backwards, etc.
12/6/943:00? Last
11/29/942:50Kevin on phoneSlow, bad
11/23/942:08Food songs
11/13/941:00Before Gospel Time
11/10/942:32Covering, alone
11/8/943:00w/o Joe, w/TanyaSkipped last week. Cars Candy-o debut
10/11/943:00Show #3, w/ Joe
10/4/943:00Show #2, w/o JoeRandom crappy stuff
9/27/943:00First show, w/Joe&TanyaWe celebrate our 4am timeslot, Ren & Stimpy interview, Johnston sing-a-long, need sleep
9/24/942:00Simon Shih Ming KaoObviously - That is stupid. Cult following ensued
9/24/946:00Dickinson DayK&J outside
9/22/945:45Ken & Joe's First Ever Thursday Night Radio ExtravaganzaKen & Joe. It could only go down from here. And it did.
9/20/945:18DJ #3
9/13/943:00DJ #2: Show With No NameSome of my music
9/12/944:251st Ever DJI facilitate while Dan Skurnic & Tanya do all the music selection

Spring 94
4/28/940:30Appr #6
4/14/940:50Appr #5w/Steve (Wingnut)
4/7/941:00Appr #4w/Evan
3/17/941:00Appr #3w/Evan
2/24/940:45Appr #2w/Steve (Wingnut)
2/17/940:30Appr #1w/Steve (Wingnut)
2/10/940:10Appr #0Public Safety bail fund w/Joe Z. & Hal. My first ever radio appearance involved pranking Public Safety on the air

So ends the giant, all-encompassing list of hundreds of shows from the past 25+ years. Try the Featured list for less overwhelm!