Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:
You Don't Have Time (9/16/16, show #509)

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Twisted Branch 9/15/16. Photo by Ken
Performed live 9/15/16 9:13-9:50pm at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, Charlottesville, VA
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Source listing (playlist)

Artist Song title Album Year
Unedited, performed live Sept. 15, 2016 at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, VA.
Michael Linnen & David Wingo (Kissing music) All The Real Girls movie 2003
Ken Collective faith Live 2016
Cowboy Junkies Ring on the Sill Pale Sun, Crescent Moon 1993
Sharon Stone If you're not in your vulnerability, nothing is interesting Garry Shandling meets Sharon Stone 2007
They didn't want to be in their truth or vulnerability; they wanted to be in their mask, and their whole acting out of how fabulous they were. It's only really interesting to be with people when they're in their vulnerability. It's better to be with someone when they're making mistakes and don't know what to do, than someone who's being so sure-footed and phony. That's not interesting at all.
Martin Donovan (voice), Hal Hartley (director), Anatole France (original writer) Ignorance is the necessary condition of human happiness. Surviving Desire movie / The Gods Will Have Blood 1993 / 1912
We are almost entirely ignorant of ourselves, absolutely of others. In ignorance, we find our bliss; in illusions, our happiness.
Julia Kent Ebb Character 2013
Lou Reed Street Hassle Street Hassle 1978
Carel Struycken, Kyle MacLachlan (voices), David Lynch, Mark Frost (writers) Don't search for all the answers at once Twin Peaks: Season 2 episode 1 1990
Better to listen than to talk. A path is formed by laying one stone at a time.
Ken Trembling and shaking Live 2016
Explosions in the Sky Your Hand In Mine The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place 2003
Charlie Kaufman Failure is a badge of honor; it means you risked failure BAFTA and BFI Screenwriters Lecture Series 2011
Let's not worry about failure. And if you don't risk failure, you're never going to do anything that's different than what you've already done, or what somebody else has done. And just know that, that that's the choice you're making when you won't put yourself at jeopardy like that.
Martin Donovan (voice), Hal Hartley (writer) Intimacy list Surviving Desire movie 1993
Kissing, caressing, holding, slapping, shouting, talking, waiting, sleeping, crying, listening, hoping, encouraging, forgiving, laughing, relenting.
Alexandre Desplat Closing credits music Birth movie 2004
Malcolm X I live like a man who is dead already. I have no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything. Our history was destroyed by slavery 1965
No, I don't worry. I'm a man who believed that I died 20 years ago.
Spandau Ballet True True 1983
Andre Gregory (voice), Rupert Walters (writer) Mysteries going on all the time Some Girls movie 1988
Right under our noses.
Ken What if I had 5 minutes? Then I'd worry that if I only had 7 minutes, I'd have enough Live 2016
Sawako White Sky Winter Chicada Hum 2005
Ken How long does it take us to unlearn everything? 2016
Alan Watts Wanting what you are not divides you (from Intellectual Yoga) Philosophies of Asia
Ken Assume their posture, see how you feel Live 2016
Pink Floyd Goodbye Cruel World The Wall 1979
Al Bowlly (singer), Richard A. Whiting, Harry Akst (music), Gus Kahn (lyrics) Guilty Amelie soundtrack 1931
Ken I'm going to look straight at you Live 2016
Ken Remember this moment in time Live 2016
Artist Song title Album Year
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