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Dance Co-op Collaboration (10/2/16, show #511)

For the local freeform dance event, I took the do-it-all-yourself music-making slot I was offered and opened it up into a collaborative project, befitting the cooperative aims of the group. I curated, edited, wove and stiched. Working together breeds creative surprises and transforms into play! A non-experimental, pre-woven musical offering for the C'ville Dance Co-op.

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Ken's Collaborating Birds. Photo by Ken
Pre-made collaborative non-experimental dance mix for 10/2/16 10:25am-12pm at C'ville Dance Co-op, Charlottesville, VA
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Source listing (playlist)

Artist Song title Album Year
Stars of the Lid Articulate Silences Part 2 And Their Refinement of the Decline 2007
Contributed by Ken. Room entrance music before official start time
Fripp & Eno Even Spaces Live Paris Olympia 5/28/75 1975
Contributed by Diane. I shortened. Robert Fripp & Brian Eno
Amadou & Mariam M'Bife Dimanche a Bamako 2005
Contributed by Eileen. I extended intro
Mark Mothersbaugh Royal Tenenbaums closing theme Royal Tenenbaums movie 2001
Contributed by Ken. I extended intro
The Shins New Slang Oh, Inverted World 2001
Contributed by Ken
Brahja Waldman Sniffing Tears wisdomatic 2016
Contributed by Diane. I shortened.
Arthur Russell In the Light of the Miracle The World of Arthur Russell 2004
Contributed by Diane. I blended and removed a section to shorten, and stretched end to match following song
Myk 2melo Unknown A Dance In The Twilight ecstastic dance mix, NYC 2016
Contributed by Ken. I clipped a segment from Myk's live dance mix, and stretched both ends to match previous and next songs
Twin Rivers mix Unknown 2003
Contributed by Caroline, from a mystery mix tape she acquired 13 years ago
Slaptop Sunrise (Ken instrumental edit) 2014
Contributed by Eileen. I edited to remove all vocal sections and extend the instrumental sections
Jesca Hoop Born To The House That Jack Built 2012
Contributed by Diane
Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited featuring Jonah Sithole Tongosienda Singles Collection 1976-1986 1986
Contributed by Diane
Young Galaxy Pretty Boy Ultramarine 2013
Contributed by Eileen
Liars Let's Not Wrestle, Mt. Heart Attack Drum's Not Dead 2006
Contributed by Kayde
Lullatone origami tulips The Sounds of Spring 2015
Contributed by Ken. I extended intro
Lemon Jelly Page One Lemonjelly.KY 2000
Contributed by Ken. I removed large sections from beginning and end, and compacted middle, to just focus on the rolling piano sections
River Whyless Pigeon Feathers A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door 2012
Contributed by Eileen
SOHN The Wheel The Wheel EP 2012
Contributed by Diane. I looped intro over last measures of previous song
Ralph Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending BBC Four 2012
Contributed by Kayde. I shortened. Violin: Julia Hwang, piano: Charles Matthews
Sufjan Stevens You Are the Rake A Sun Came (reissue) 2004
Contributed by Kayde. I edited opening just slightly to stay aligned with previous song
Sia I'm In Here (Piano/Vocal version) We Are Born 2010
Contributed by Malik
Lonnie Holley Looking for All (All Rendered Truth) Just Before Music 2012
Contributed by Diane
Lullatone tiny glaciers While Winter Whispers 2014
Contributed by Ken
Grouper Vital The Man Who Died In His Boat 2013
Contributed by Kayde
Mirko Uhlig 9 A.M. Rain One-Minute Vacations 2004
Contributed by Ken. Blend-repeated 3 times. Field recording from Wesel, Germany
Artist Song title Album Year
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