Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:
Equinox (light and dark are equal) (3/13/17, show #520)

(there's nothing left to let go of) (just keep going)
My current favorite child!

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Equinox (light and dark are equal). Photo by (C) 2012 Ken's Last Ever
Performed live 3/12/17 11pm-1am on WTJU-FM, Charlottesville, VA
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Source listing (playlist)

Artist Song title Album Year
Mostly complete and in order of first appearance (sources collaged and layered together simultaneously)
Lemon Jelly Page One 2000
Intro loop only
Ken The mind is trying to lead the way 2017
Frightened Rabbit The Wrestle The Winter of Mixed Drinks 2010
Lara Flynn Boyle Crying 1 Twin Peaks pilot episode 1990
Tom Carter Prussian Book of the Dead Long Time Underground 2015
Lara Flynn Boyle Crying 2 Twin Peaks: Pilot episode 1990
Ken Olin Crying thirtySomething: Season 4, episode 14 1991
Melanie Mayron Crying thirtySomething: Season 4, episode 14 1991
Lykke Li Just Like a Dream I Never Learn 2014
J.C. Quinn, Matthew Modine (actors), Harold Becker (director), Terry Davis (novel writer), Darryl Ponicsan (writer) It's what happens in that 6 minutes Vision Quest movie 1985
Pele gets excited and he rips off his jersey and starts running around the stadium waving it around his head. Everybody's screaming in Spanish. I'm here, sitting alone in my room, and I start crying. That's right, I start crying. Because another human being, a species that I happen to belong to, could kick a ball, and lift himself, and the rest of us sad-assed human beings, up to a better place to be, if only for a minute... let me tell ya, kid - it was pretty goddamned glorious. It ain't the six minutes... it's what happens in that six minutes.
Beethoven Variation I Beethoven Vol. 8 Cello Sonatas
Maisky, Cello; Argerich, Piano
Lara Flynn Boyle (voice); Alan Rudolph (director, writer) Crying Equinox movie 1992
Zach Braff, Natalie Portman About crying Garden State movie 2004
Chandeen Mirror Spacerider - Love At First Sight 1998
Rob the Viking Loop Beats to Pillage and Conquer By 2003
Deadmau5 Strobe (Club Edit) For Lack of a Better Name 2016
Matthew Broderick (voice), Alexander Payne (director, writer), Tom Perrotta (novel writer), Jim Taylor (writer) Admit she lied and cheated Election movie 1999
It all came flooding back. My first impulse was to run over there, pound on her window, and demand that she admit she'd lied and cheated. But instead, I just stood there. And I suddenly realized I wasn't angry at her anymore. I just felt sorry for her. I mean, when I think about my new life, and all the exciting things I'm doing, and then I think about what her life must be like, probably still getting up at 5 in the morning to pursue her pathetic little dreams, it just makes me sad. I mean, where is she really trying to get to, anyway? And what is she doing in that limo? Who the fuck does she think she is?
Lara Flynn Boyle (voice); Alan Rudolph (director, writer) You have to know these things when they happen Equinox movie 1992
She didn't understand that it might have been her only chance
Matthew Modine, Lara Flynn Boyle (voices); Alan Rudolph (director, writer) There's always this pushing and pulling inside of me Equinox movie 1992
I don't know what it is, it's just there. I never know what to do, so I don't do anything. I just go home to my hole and put it all someplace else.
Ken The comings and the goings 2017
Are you looking for meaning?
Clem Leek The Diary I Never Kept Lifenotes 2011
Bill Cosby Coming at you with music and fun, if you're not careful you may learn something before it's done Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids show 1972
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza Excerpts 11/19/16 #2, show #513 2016
Contains various samples, incl. different part of Lemon Jelly "Page One", and other looping of War on Drugs "Eyes to the Wind"
War on Drugs Eyes to the Wind Lost in the Dream 2014
Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby (voices), Rob Reiner (director), Nora Ephron (writer) Don't fuck with Mister Zero When Harry Met Sally 1989
It was all a lie
John Hughes Live at Dance New England Contact Jam 2015 Live Performance Clips 2015
STS9 Circus Live at House of Blues, Chicago 2016
Gailard Sartain, Matthew Modine (voices), Alan Rudolph (director, writer) Equinox, where light and dark are equal Equinox movie 1992
Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet & Mogwai Xibalba The Fountain s.t. 2006
Kevin J. O'Connor, Matthew Modine (voices); Alan Rudolph (director, writer) Things can change just like that Equinox movie 1992
Chandeen Spacerider Spacerider - Love At First Sight 1998
Madchen Amick, James Spader (voices), Nicholas Kazan (director, writer) Getting to know someone is like peeling an onion. (It makes you cry?) Layers, and more layers. Dream Lover 1993
Madchen Amick, James Spader (voices), Nicholas Kazan (director, writer) I tried to tell you so many times, thought you'd stop loving me if you knew Dream Lover 1993
Tyra Ferrell (voice); Alan Rudolph (director, writer) Your whole life is about finding the one thing Equinox movie 1992
Madchen Amick, James Spader (voices), Nicholas Kazan (director, writer) You've seen who I really am, more than anybody ever, but you kept on loving me. Dream Lover 1993
A psychopath can still love somebody, can't they?
Ken I don't know why it happens (which doesn't mean there isn't a reason) 2017
I try to connect dots. I try to come up with the most interesting explanations for why people do what they do. I try to conform things to my subconcious worldview. I expect everything to confirm. I don't believe it when it doesn't happen that way. I let my emotions take over.
Ken I think you do the same thing 2017
Inside there's just a child. The child is trying to get power. The child is trying to have a voice. The child is trying to find everything it couldn't have. The child can get sad. The child can get angry. The child can try to define itself in relation to others. The child can try to test boundaries, see what's reliable, see what it can get away with, see if it can ensure predictability. The child wants things to just be the way they've been. Don't mess with the child. The child's got nothing else to do but sit there and figure out what it's going to do next, how it's going to succeed. There's nobody there to stop it. Nobody's going to stop the child. Nobody would dare. Children are important. Inner children are very important. Inner children are our future. One day, your inner child is going to run the world.
Daniel Lanois The Deadly Nightshade Belladonna 2005
Ken ID 2017
I appreciate your ever-changing qualities
Fridge Five Combs Happiness 2001
Lambchop About My Lighter aw c'mon - no you c'mon 2004
Tom Tykwer (director) Short term memory screwed up (German) Winterschlafer (Winter Sleepers) movie 1997
M. On UVA bookstore 2012
It's such a shame
Ricky Gervais You don't need everyone on the planet to like you Time Interview 2007
More people hate it than like it. Obviously. Luckily, you don't need everyone on the planet to like you. So, you do it for you and like-minded people
Joe Frank What am I doing in this country? Another Country Pt. 3 1986
She said, I can't stand America, I can't stand the isolation in this country. And he said, look, let's go to a movie. And she screamed, I don't want to go to another movie, I can't stand going to another movie. That's all you Americans do is watch television and go to movies. You go from your apartment into a dark theater and you sit in silence and watch something for two hours, and then you have some coffee, and that's it.
Joshua Schaefer (voice), Michael Davis (director, writer) All activities are passing time until we can make love again Eight Days a Week movie 1997
Genevieve Bujold (voice), Alan Rudolph (director, writer) Imagine what you say has impact, I'm just a clown Choose Me movie 1984
Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn (voices, writers), Louis Malle (director) Becoming aware, chewing your food, electric blankets My Dinner With Andre movie 1981
George Lucas Be brave enough to take one step beyond The Making of American Graffiti 1998
A character who is put into a situation where they have to make a decision to leave. They're all about that transitional time in a person's life when you have to make a major change. How you become brave enough to take one step beyond and go into something that you're not really that experienced at.
Peter Sellers (voice); Jerzy Kosinski (writer); Hal Ashby (director) This is just like television, but you can see much further Being There movie 1979
Donald Sutherland, Timothy Hutton (voices); Robert Redford (director); Alvin Sargent, Judith Guest (writers) How was the show? Ordinary People film 1980
Yeah? You OK? Mm mm, yeah. How was the show? Trouble sleeping? No. You sure? Mm mm. Burning the midnight oil? Yeah. OK. Have you thought about calling that doctor? No. Well, the month's up; I think we should stick to the plan. The plan was, IF I needed to call him. Yeah, OK. Don't worry about it. Get some sleep. By the way, I'm working on those Michigan State tickets. OK.
Mary Tyler Moore (voice); Robert Redford (director); Alvin Sargent, Judith Guest (writers) What was it you were thinking about? Ordinary People film 1980
Clem Leek A Light to Guide You Various: For Nihon 2011
Madchen Amick, James Spader (voices), Nicholas Kazan (director, writer) If the things you tell me aren't the truth, what is? Dream Lover 1993
Fredric Lehne (voice), Nicholas Kazan (director, writer) Sometimes everything is a clue, what you think is paranoia is really heightened awareness Dream Lover 1993
Madchen Amick, James Spader (voices), Nicholas Kazan (director, writer) Whose kids, are they mine, do you know? Of course I know, and I'm still not going to tell you Dream Lover 1993
Alan Oppenheimer, others (voices); Michael Crichton (director, writer) We don't know exactly how they work Westworld movie 1973
I must confess I find it difficult to believe in a disease of machinery. We aren't dealing with ordinary machines here; these are highly complicated pieces of equipment -- almost as complicated as living organisms. In some cases, they've been designed by other computers. We don't know exactly how they work.
John Wayne The Pledge of Allegiance America, Why I Love Her 1973
Disney Full attraction EPCOT: American Adventure 1982?
Disney Progress City Music & Narration The General Electric Carousel of Progress (Disneyland) 1964
Looks like tomorrow is already here. Going shopping is simply a breeze. Today, our whole downtown is completely enclosed. Far off to the right, we have a welcome neighbor: A GE nuclear power plant. Outdoor lighting has added hours to our recreation time. It's not exactly Disneyland, but it is clean and bright and lots of fun.
Monty Python I'm So Worried Contractual Obligation Album 1980
Maury Chaykin (voice); John Badham (director), Lawrence Lasker & Walter F. Parkes (writers) Remember when you told me to tell you when you were acting rudely or insensitively? You're doing it right now WarGames movie 1983
Patricia Arquette, Christian Slater (voices); Tony Scott (director); Quentin Tarantino (writer) If I'm with you, I'm with you True Romance movie 1993
Patricia Arquette, Christian Slater (voices); Tony Scott (director); Quentin Tarantino (writer) Stop being so fucking calm about this True Romance movie 1993
I'm not lying to you. And I swear from this moment forth. I'll never lie to you again.
Gabe Kaplan, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (voices), Eric Cohen (writer) That's where 8000 turkeys put on funny hats, sit on bridge chairs, and vote for the dude with the most balloons Welcome Back Kotter (Season 1, episode 5: The Election) 1975
You've got to make people who have never met you want to vote for you. Pretend it's a big presidential campaign with the conventions.
Campbell Scott, Jesse Eisenberg (voices); Dylan Kidd (director, writer) What do I do all day? I sit here and think of ways to make people feel bad. Roger Dodger movie 2002
You can't sell a product without first making people feel bad. It's a substitution game. You have to remind them that they're missing something from their lives. And when they're feeling sufficiently incomplete, you convince them that your product is the only thing that can fill the void. So, instead of taking steps to deal with their lives, instead of working to rout out the real reason for their misery, they run out and buy a stupid-looking paid of cargo pants.
Hans Zimmer Amid the Chaos of the Day True Romance s.t. 1993
Derived from Carl Orff
Carl Orff Gassenhauer Badlands s.t. 1973
Jack Weston, Charles "Honi" Coles (voices), Eleanor Bergstein (writer) It feels lke it's all slipping away Dirty Dancing movie 1987
It all seems to be ending.
Robert Redford (voice); Michael Ritchie (director); Jeremy Larner (writer) Are there any questions? I'll be happy to respond to anything that's on your mind The Candidate movie 1972
Peter Finch (voice); Sidney Lumet (director); Paddy Chayefsky (writer) Death of the individual Network movie 1976
The people spoke!...because the communists are deader than we are. Dedicated to the free... It's every single one of you out there that's finished. Because this is no longer a nation of independent individuals. It's a nation of some 200-odd million transistorized, deodorized, whiter than white steel-belted bodies, totally unnecessary as human beings, and as replaceable as piston rods. Well, the time has come to say, is dehumanization such a bad word? Good or bad, that's what is so. The whole world is becoming humanoid: Creates that look human, but aren't.
The Who Baba O'Riley Who's Next 1971
Ken It matters that everything you do is helpful and expressive 2017
It matters that you smooth the way for everyone to be, being as they are, to be happy, to be clear, to be expressive, to be realized, to be formed. You'll find the set of things that matter for you. You'll know the difference, but you won't be concerned. Don't be concerned, there's no reason to worry. There's only reason to worry. You don't need to have reason. You shouldn't worry. You don't need to worry. You can give up your worry. You can let yourself open and be free. Allow for correction to come naturally. Allow for all things to be correct. Don't worry about it. Be real, be present, be authentic, don't worry, let go, release. If it seems hard, let go a little more. Keep letting go until there's nothing left to let go of. Repeat over the course of your life.
Ken ID 2017
It will end forever
Ken Turn them into what you want 2017
You can start to be inspired in your own way, to make something that's the thing that you'd rather make. Make the thing that you want to make in the world. Just go ahead and start. And keep going, and continue. And then do it a little more. And just keep going. And do that a little bit more. And keep going like that. And just keep going.
Ken ID 2017
I appreciate, I love, I care, I fear, and I release.
Steve Paxton The specific movements my body executes when I improvise do not register consciously, and I can't reconstitute them Chute (from Contact Improv Archive 1972-1983) 1983
I have little memory (muscular or mental) of what I've danced
Artist Song title Album Year
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